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The Murfreesboro, TN mega-mosque

I just returned from Murfreesboro, TN, where there are plans to build--you guessed it--a multimillion dollar mega mosque.And the mosque's hierarchy--surprise--may have some dubious connections. I spent a few days on the ground in TN digging up info and doing interviews. Much more to come on CBN shows this month, including my focus report on the August 19th edition of the 700 Club. In the meantime, here is some must reading on the Murfreesboro mosque project:



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# RE: The Murfreesboro, TN mega-mosque

The muslims will contine to make inroads all over America in the name of tolerance. They once took over almost all of Europe. Lost power after years in the dark ages. Now they have virtually taken over Europe once more & want control of America. Then they can rule the world & bring down Israel.
They have always been about control, power, cruelty, death, hatred & degradation toward women. They take pride in being able to act as a friend & betraying them.
WAKE UP all you political correctness weaklings. You are helping to bring down America.
Left by Sue Glover on Aug 11, 2010 3:13 PM