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Muslim Sues UK Supermarket For "Making Him Carry Beer"

It's Homer Simpson's dream job. But alas, a 32-year-old Saudi native, Mohammad Ahmed, is suing his former employer, the British supermarket chain Tesco, for making him carry beer on a forklift. He says being forced to work in such close proximity to alcohol was a violation of his religous beliefs. Tesco says otherwise. Here's more, from the UK Metro:

The saga began in September last year, when Mr Ahmed, from Derby, started working at the retail giant's distribution depot in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Realising the problem, Mr Ahmed said he asked for another role but was allegedly told by aggressive supervisors: 'You do the job or go home.'

He lodged a formal complaint in February but was then victimised and harassed, the trib­unal in Birmingham heard.

He left two months later, saying he had no choice but to resign 'in protest'.

'I am not saying I am a perfect person, but there was a conflict with my beliefs,' he said.

Miss Canham denied discrimination, saying: 'All other roles, in some form or other, also came into contact with alcohol.'

The tribunal will rule this week.

Ahmed's supervisors also say that for some reason, he was open to working around Budweiser beer, sending out "mixed messages" in the process. Why Miller, Coors and British ales got the shaft, I have no idea. I do know that Mr. Ahmed's stance would make him a very unpopular man at Philadelphia Eagles tailgate parties. On a more serious note, this is just another in a seemingly neverending series of  "creeping sharia" incidents in the UK. For instance, some Muslims there are now calling on Tesco stores to stop carrying alcohol altogether.

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