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Mommy and the Joyful Three

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Erin James is the author of a mom blog on She is a mother of three whose passion is helping other moms and dads with positive parenting.

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Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

It is impossible to completely ignore Halloween. Stores are already stock full of Halloween supplies and costumes, and schools and TV shows will undoubtedly celebrate it as the holiday approaches. As parents and Christians, you may be wondering how to shelter your child from it.

It seems as the years pass by, the costumes and decorations become more and more realistic and scary. My younger daughter will not even enter an aisle that has a Halloween selection in it. As a mother, it troubles me that I cannot even take my child to the store without worrying that she will be frightened by things that give her nightmares.

Obviously, it is ultimately up to individual families as to how they decide to handle and celebrate Halloween. Many Christians see no issue in the holiday and many find alternatives; yet for little eyes it can be a hard holiday to overlook or forget. Even if you see it as a non-issue or find alternatives, there is still that creepy, scary fear factor sitting in people’s front lawns.

God does not want us to fear; yet we do a great job of going out of our way to scare ourselves sometimes.

So, how do you explain to a small child some of the decorations and things they will surely see just being out and about?

It’s true that some children may not focus on or fear them. However, many kids allow fear to take root.

As believers, sin should make us uncomfortable, as should this holiday. God does not intend for us to ignore it. So, the best course of action with my fearful child is to face it head on with her. I do not just cover her eyes. That would set a poor precedent in her life, that when she faces certain situations, she should just pretend it isn’t there.

The first step is to show her that I do not fear it. Imagine a child looking at a piece of plastic and thinking it’s just a part of the store and finding no problem in it. Then imagine the parent whispering things about how it’s evil and scary. The child may take on that unnecessary worry and fear.

This happened recently with my oldest daughter. She is not like her younger sister and has never shown any outright fear or issue with the things we have seen in the store. A well-meaning person recently pointed to a Halloween spider and told her that the devil was a part of the display.

Now my calm daughter developed not only a fear of spiders, but also of that particular store, believing that the adult told her the devil lived there.

II Timothy 1:7 (KJV) says: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

God tells us that with Him we should not fear the enemy or evil. We should not teach our children that these earthly evils have power over us.

Tips on How to Handle Halloween with Your Kids

  • Bring that confidence that God gives you as a believer to the forefront. Show your child that you do not fear and they will follow suite.
  • Teach your child the power of prayers. When they are afraid teach them to bow their head and pray immediately, explain to them that prayer is power and that God will hear them at all times.
  • While children know right from wrong, it is our job to teach them and point out things that are not godly; yet again do not point them out in a way that will frighten them more.
  • We may understand that the devil does lurk around the corner in our lives; our adult minds can comprehend the spiritual battle we are in for the most part. A young child cannot.
  • If your child has questions, answer them age appropriately. If your child points out something scary let them know that yes, of course it is not godly but no thing or enemy can come against us as Christians. Truly this is an assurance we should take with us daily as Christians any how.
  • Do not go out of your way to bring them around scary things or places but do know that sometimes they are unavoidable, so do not show more fear when you are in the midst of them. Teach them about the strength that God gives us, not the fear the world makes us face.

Print      Email to a Friend    posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 4:15 PM

Comments on this post

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

It seems everything today is so over the top and given more importance than it should. As a child, my siblings and friends in the neighborhood, made our own costumes. Usually hobos, a pirate and a few ghosts made from an old sheet. We grabbed our pillow cases and off we went to beg for candy. The only decorations on the front porches were pumpkins and maybe an Indian corn wreath on the door. Our parents didn't dress up and follow us all over, nor did they have elaborate Halloween parties with their friends. Call me a religious fanatic but I believe it has evolved into an event that celebrates the dark side of the supernatural. Something Our Lord forbade us to do.
Left by ann on Oct 04, 2011 11:23 AM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

The real meaning of Halloween is "All Hallows Eve". It is to honor the saints in Heaven on the eve of All Saints Day which is Nov. 1st. Secular society has taken this holy day and turned it into a demonic holiday. Many demonic rituals are held on this night such as black masses which include child and animal sacrifices,desecration of the Eucharist and sacred items to name a few. It has gotten worse each year because the evil out there has gotten stronger and so much more "in your face". While many revel in scary lawn decorations and costumes for kids, few understand what is actually going on underground. The devil has taken what is holy and twisted it for himself. You also see this happening with Christmas and Easter by taking the Nativity out of everything and replacing it with a tree and replacing Easter with the spring equinox, bunnies and chicks. Thanksgiving is now becoming a great shopping day instead of its original intent which was to Thank God for all we have been given.
Left by KJ on Oct 04, 2011 12:07 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

All Hallow's Eve (All Hallow's Day=Nov.1)was created by the church to overshadow the fact that October 31 was the high holy day on the Satanic/pagan calendar, a day when there was much divination for the "new year" and sacrifices (including human) were made.There is much overlapping of these two areas of religion, but NONE of is is appropriate for a Christian to recognize.Look at Deuteronomy 12:30-we are not even to be interested in what these other pagan religions practice/believe, much less copy their practices.To know that it is NOT of The Most High God (the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Father of our Redeemer Jesus) and is forbidden as an abomination to the Lord (something that offends Him to the extreme) is enough reason to not even recognize the day.I truly believe it is a slap in His face to celebrate it, not to mention the demonic oppression of fear, etc. that kids will be exposed/opened up to.Can it possibly bring Him glory?NO!So leave it alone FOR His Glory.
Left by Lindy on Oct 13, 2011 6:33 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

My wife and I are raising our granddaughter since she was born, she is 7 now and has never celebrated halloween. From her youngest days we have told her that the things of halloween are nasty. she is not scared of these things she just thinks they are nasty, and that is truly what we think about the devils day. She love Jesus.
Left by Jarell on Oct 13, 2011 7:02 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

A few times at our church we had an alternative get together some dressing in costumes instead of going door to door. When we were kids we go "trick or treating" but with home made costumes from a bit of this and a bit of that with perhaps a store bought clown face or whatever. We had of course be careful to check our candies to make sure there were no razor blades or other dangerous stuff.
Left by Bob W. on Oct 13, 2011 7:37 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

We hosted a "clean halloween party" in our backyard on our new playnation outdoor playset. The kids had so much fun playing outside and we had a great time too!
Left by Celeste on Oct 14, 2011 4:45 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

As Christians we must ask ourselves did we truly mean to follow our Savior?I learned several testimonies of ex witches who celebrated halloween.This day is not so innocent like many Christians think.they were worshipping satan and halloween ritual and all it`s decoration is so important to him which Christians think it is “fun”.There is no fun, when innocent blood of humans and animals shed on this evil day.There is no fun when we send our kids around dressing even in Bible characters to get candies,it pleases satan,but not Lord our God.Even curved pumpkin means so much to satan,and handing out candies to kids is not innocent either.Just think, how we prepare for Christmas and ask God to bless our kids,food and all people and to bring lost to the Lord,so satan worshippers pray satan to curse all of these candies and everybody and everything and bring people to their lord.We choose-we want to bless our kids selling them for “fun”to satan or bless them by not being involved in evil
Left by Olga on Oct 15, 2011 1:28 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

I am very sorry for the big mistake in my post . instead “We choose-we want to bless our kids selling them for “fun”to satan or bless them by not being involved in evil “ please read “ We choose-we want to curse our kids selling them for “fun”to satan or bless them by not being involved in evil
Left by Olga on Oct 15, 2011 2:40 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

I have a great cure. I don't celebrate Halloween at all. Its consumes fear and was created to scare you. As God's child, I work hard to honor all his words and instructions. I refuse to invest in anything that emulates fear while my God wants prosperity, peace, love, happiness.
Left by ZEE503 on Oct 19, 2011 12:55 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

Excellent thoughts! I enjoyed reading this article. Thank you!
Left by LauraB on Oct 20, 2011 2:08 AM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

i have been tied on what to do about this halloween celebration as i am a following christain and surely now what is right and wrong. i know as a christain i cannot participate in all this ungodlyness,.yet i had promissed my gals to take them trick or treating, but i believe the devil has been tricking me to belive that it is okay and its such an insignificant sin, it wouldnt matter, well i am not participate , and will not take my kids out, instead i have told my kid why we wouldnt be going and , she is okay with it Amazing, i thought she sould throw a fit, to my suprise not, God is amazing i am glad i have stuck to my instincts and my true beliefs,its not easy as christians, living with all these evil temptations that are covered up in cute little box's...the devil is a liar be ware...God will prevail...
Left by livy on Oct 31, 2011 3:52 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

Of all the opinions I've read tonight Erin's is the one that ministers to me the most. I am a mommy to three angels sent directly from heaven. I have always been very firm in my beliefs on Halloween and as a born again spirit filled Christian I do not believe that God wants us to be involved in ANYTHING that does not glorify him. The bible also tells us to reject every kind of evil. Do the research Halloween has evil written all over it. I always tell my children truths not lies or fairy tales.There is no Santa Claus that is going to come down our chimney, there is no Easter bunny going to drop a basket at our front door and no, bunnies do not lay eggs. Also the tooth fairy doesn't leave money under our children's pillows either. However we do celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Saviour. Our children are not deprived by being told the truth They know that their parents will not lie to them. Truth always age appropriate. The truth is Halloween is rooted in fear and ungodliness.
Left by Cynthia on Oct 20, 2012 11:49 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

I have also noticed several articles stating that most Christians who choose not to celebrate Halloween are "hiding" behind closed doors with their lights turned off. Seriously? I don't quite think so.
Left by Cynthia on Oct 21, 2012 12:26 AM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

I agree with Cynthia. We are not necessarily
"hiding" because we choose not to celebrate. As for those who claim that the unsaved might think us "mean" because we don't hand out candy, that is really jumping to conclusions!

First, we are to follow our conscience, and please God---not worry about pleasing the unsaved by compromising.

Secondly, few of those who would come to our door even know that we are Christians.

In addition, those who see the lights off do not come to the door in the first place. We can support the local Harvest Festivals at the local churches, if we choose.

The displays in the stores have become more and more ghoulish each year, and are revolting even to me as an adult that knows they are
"just plastic". I think Christians should complain to the stores that would display such ugly and gory things in the first place.
Left by wyoming rancher on Oct 21, 2012 1:18 AM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

Halloween hasn't really evolved into an evil celebration...If one researches the roots of the day you will find that it has always been from 'the dark' side'...I believe we are under Grace when we are ignorant of such things..but when the Lord opens our eyes to the truth of something..then we are responsible..I taught my children when they were younger where halloween came from..I would take them out of school for the day...and we would visit some museum etc.(where we happened to meet other Christians who were also out of school for the day distancing themselves )..When neighbors came to the door with their children it was an opportunity to share the truth with them..even though many thought I was over the top.I was responsible to share the truth with others in love...and it was a witness to my children to stand up for the truth and against what is evil.Children are stronger than we think and are very influenced in how their parents handle the pressures of the world
Left by paintbrush500 on Oct 23, 2012 8:02 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

Here is a "bottom line":

Jesus openly defeated the devil on a cruel cross! He took all our sin and said to live HOLY LIVES. To agree with what Jesus says is

You cannot find anywhere in THE HOLY SCRIPTURES that points people who have been SAVED FROM THEIR SINS to "CONTINUE IN THEM!"

There is a Bible verse in Revelation saying, "COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPARATE.


This time of year and this stupid celebration is nothing more than satan himself trying to brag to be something when JESUS already said, I"VE DEFEATED YOU! Choose to protect the gift God gives you- your children. Raise them to be godly examples for others.
Left by tideblue on Oct 24, 2012 10:50 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

I was torn because deep down I feel convicted against celebrating halloween. But, at the same time, I hate to deprive my little girls of participating in innocent fun. I feel like I had been "tricked" into thinking it was "innocent fun" because that is what I wanted to believe. I think we will just avoid the whole thing and go to dinner instead! We don't carve jack-o-lanters, but I did write this on one: "Lord, thank you for truth and treats!"
Left by summerday on Oct 28, 2012 10:28 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

I understand how you feel summerday. I have the same feeling. I did not celebrate holloween, but i was allowing my kids to participate. After my son turn 12 He decided it wasnt something He enjoyed and really started disliking it. Today my daughter eyes became open to it, and decided that she did not like it either. She told me she perfer to go to church instead, and not participate in it. Oh how the Holy Spirit easily gives us a way out. When we are trying to walk with Him. Praise God.
Left by CyndyAnn on Oct 30, 2012 6:23 PM

# RE: Halloween, Fear, and a Christian Mom's Perspective

When my three boys were young we handed out Halloween goodies. My boys went to a couple of neighbors we knew and the Fire Station for treats but that was it. Our church hosted a Harvest Party and the kids went to that. But as we prepared the treats many times we included Gospel tracks. What we did was prayed over the candies for the kids and their families to receive. Each child coming to our door was greeted with love. Today I still do the same as a Grandma. I pray as I prepare the goodies for the kids. I buy the best of candies and include toys sometimes. But the Gospel message of love is still the most important thing to share with the young kids and with their parents too and for the junior high kids.

Never miss an opportunity to share God’s love.
Left by 4Ginny7sis on Oct 31, 2012 3:43 PM