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Ortiz Case Cornerstone for Israeli Messianic Jews


The case of Ami Ortiz is a "cornerstone case" in Israel for Messianic Jews, said the founder of a leading human rights organization.

Ortiz is the Messianic Jewish teenager who was critically wounded when he opened a bomb disguised as a holiday gift package at Purim in 2008, presumably delivered to the family because his father is a Messianic pastor.

Rev. Majed El Shafie, founder and president of the Canadian-based One Free World International, which speaks out against persecution of Christians around the world, said that the case of Ortiz is pivotal here for Messianic Jews.

It took authorities a year and a half to arrest Ya'akov Teitel the alleged perpetrator and indictment in the case, which El Shafie said is too long. Depending on how authorities handle the case, the situation for Messianic Jews in Israel will either get better or worse, said El Shafie.

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