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Kerry Boasts of ‘Pluralistic’ Syria Once Assad Gone

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, was recently interviewed about Syria. While many of his assertions can be debated, one especially requires a response.

Throughout the interview, he repeatedly insisted that, if Bashar Assad would only leave power, everything would go well — especially for all of Syria’s minorities.

In his words: “I believe that a peace can protect all of the minorities: Druze, Christian, Isma‘ilis, Alawites — all of them can be protected, and you can have a pluralistic Syria, in which minority rights of all people are protected.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kerry declared that “The world would protect the Alawites, Druze, Christians, and all minorities in Syria after the ousting of Assad.”

The problem here is that we have precedent — exact precedent. We’ve seen this paradigm before and know precisely what happens once strongman dictators like Assad are gone.

As demonstrated in this article, in all Muslim nations where the U.S. has intervened to help topple dictators and bring democracy, it is precisely the minorities who suffer first. And neither the U.S. nor “the world” do much about it.

After the U.S. toppled Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Christian minorities were savagely attacked and slaughtered, and dozens of their churches were bombed (see here for graphic images). Indeed, Christians have been terrorized into near-extinction, so that today, a decade after the ousting of Saddam, more than half of them have fled Iraq.

The “world” did nothing.

Ever since U.S.-backed, al-Qaeda-linked terrorists overthrew Libya’s Qaddafi, Christians—including Americans—have been tortured and killed (including for refusing to convert), their churches bombed, and their nuns threatened.

Not much “pluralism” there.

Once the Muslim Brotherhood replaced Mubarak in Egypt — and all with U.S. support — the persecution of Copts practically became legalized, as unprecedented numbers of Christians—men, women, and children—were arrested, often receiving more than double the maximum prison sentence, under the accusation that they had “blasphemed” Islam and/or its prophet.

Not only did the U.S. do nothing — it asked the Coptic Church not to join the June Revolution that led to the ousting of the Brotherhood and Muhammad Morsi.

In short, where the U.S. works to overthrow secular autocrats, the quality of life for Christians and other minorities takes a major nosedive. In Saddam’s Iraq, Qaddafi’s Libya, and Assad’s Syria (before the U.S.-sponsored war), Christians and their churches were largely protected.

Today, Syria is the third worst nation in the world in which to be Christian, Iraq is fourth, Libya 13th, and Egypt 22nd. Such are the fruits of U.S. intervention in the name of “democracy.”

So how can anyone, especially Christians and other minorities, have any confidence in Kerry’s repeated assurances that religious minorities will be safeguarded once secular strongman Assad is gone — and by the “world” no less — leading to a “pluralistic” Syria?

And from an American point of view, what are we to make of Kerry?  Is the U.S. Secretary of State that deluded and detached from reality, or, as Russian President Vladimir Putin once accused Kerry, also in the context of Syria: “he is lying and knows he is lying. It’s sad.”

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# RE: Kerry Boasts of ‘Pluralistic’ Syria Once Assad Gone

I believe it will become another mess like Iraq, and Afghanistan where does the madness end with these people inworld governments? It don t Kerry knows nothing of Peace I am getting tired of hearing so called world leaders talking lies to us all Lets pray to God instead
Left by God is hope on Jan 27, 2014 1:18 AM

# RE: Kerry Boasts of ‘Pluralistic’ Syria Once Assad Gone

agree with the post above! God and prayer are the only answers to all the chaos in the world and our own country!
Left by Dr. Kathryn Duplantis on Jan 27, 2014 1:40 PM

# RE: Kerry Boasts of ‘Pluralistic’ Syria Once Assad Gone

We need to stay out of these countries and let them solve their own problems. We only make things worst for them. The MBH is the one who is behind all of this. They want to rule these countries and make a caliphate. Sec. Kerry should keep his nose out of this.
Left by KellieC on Jan 28, 2014 10:50 AM

# RE: Kerry Boasts of ‘Pluralistic’ Syria Once Assad Gone

Your assessment is correct. Islmics are so deceptive. They will go to any extent to capture power. Once in power they will show their true colours. Those in the US administration fail to understand this time and again. It is high time that honest God fearing people occupy the helm in the US top administration.
Left by selvaraj on Feb 01, 2014 1:16 PM