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Video Blog: Does Britain Have Free Speech?

Can we say Britain still has free speech if expressing certain opinions brings a visit from the police? That’s the topic of my CBN News Focus Report today from London, Britain's Lost Freedoms: 'We're Living in a Madhouse.'

And here is more from George Igler, director of Britain’s Discourse Institute. This is raw interview in which I am asking George when free speech ended in the United Kingdom and if Britain needs an American-style First Amendment.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Monday, July 07, 2014 1:16 PM

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# RE: Video Blog: Does Britain Have Free Speech?

I thank God that our Founders rebelled against British tyranny, and gave us a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that include Free Speech.
Left by InChrist on Jul 07, 2014 10:23 PM