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Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

(I'm writing this from Lancashire, England)

A 20-year-old British man has been arraigned in the murder and decapitation June 4 of an 18-year-old Sheffield, England, woman named Reema Ramazan.

Haven't heard of it? Up until a few days ago, Ramzan was "just" a stabbing fatality. Now we learn that Aras Hussein cut off her head. It was the second beheading involving a British Muslim in a little over two weeks, after the murder and decapitation of British soldier Lee Rigby, May 22.

This apparent cover up is an example of what has been a massive, orchestrated disinformation campaign by British authorities and their allies in the media to blackout or minimize, and in many cases refuse to prosecute, Muslim crimes.

I've come to northern England to investigate how authorities covered up the Muslim sex grooming gang epidemic, in which white British girls are made the sex slaves of what the authorities euphemistically call "Asian" gangs (they're Muslim). Astonishingly, police are still not tackling the problem head-on, and still more girls will have their lives ruined because of it.

The media is also failing to report the depth and breadth of the public fury here over the Rigby murder. If those demonstrations were about some loony left-wing cause, you'd see them splashed across every TV screen.

Some argue that the British police are in chains to their politically correct bosses in government. No doubt. I think they also fear civil war. But trying to cover up an Islamic crime wave and the anger that is now seething among the native English doesn't prevent civil war; it brings it. Just saying.

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# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

This article hits the nail right on the head. What people fail to understand here in the UK is how heavily the media is influenced by the government and how the PC brigade and the thought police stifle any real democratic debate when it comes to the problems we are facing with the multicultural experiment.
Patriots are shouted down as racist and intolerant backed into a corner for expressing genuine concern with good reason. I have no doubt that vast numbers of the native British are angry but have absolutely no way to voice their opinions. We don't live in a free country anymore and It seems our government and the un elected officials of the EUSSR are actively encouraging the destruction of our culture and way of life. I just hope that something is done and people wake up to what is going on before it is too late.
Left by Adam N on Jun 21, 2013 4:24 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

It is all true when 6 Muslims were convicted of attempting to bomb an English Defense League demonstration the story did not even make the main headlines but was relegated towards the end of the main bulletin. What was the main headline you may ask, well the war in Syria which of course is far more important to people living in the UK. Outrageous political decisions to appease the Islamic element growing in our one proud nation. Disgusting.
Left by headonastick on Jun 21, 2013 5:05 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

I can well believe this no one dare report on anything that puts Islam in a poor light, drummer Rigby was reported as being killed not murdered. Six islamic extermists where sentenced to 18/19 years for a plot to bomb a demonstration of 100's of EDL supporters the news did not even make the main headline the 'plight' in Syria was the top story.
Left by headonastick on Jun 22, 2013 4:54 AM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

I would have thought England would have taken this matter with an iron fist, instead they acted like this wimp-in-chief in the U.S. The muslims, all of them, have come to the civilized countries with a single agenda, and that is to take over. There's going to hell if this clown(obummer) relocates refugees from Syria here in the U.S. I'm thinking of becoming a hog farmer. Get your act together U.K.
Left by Jerry on Jun 23, 2013 5:04 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

Left by Bob Protesto on Jun 25, 2013 10:07 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

Britian, and all other countries who are undergoing these terriorist crimes, should start forming underground incognito Special Police, and Detectives, who also look "Muslim, or ARE who want Peace.Always changing positions, and places, 24/7. Start calling on those people who are expert in all types of self defense, to meet carefully other citizens, to instruct, and to teach Marchal Arts, or some form of self defense that Muslims practice, only you will do it much better than the terrorist. Post with great scruitany, Super Snipers where area could be compromised.Have professional person in the human way of thinking, impersonate people of high places and lure the maniacs out of hibernation, of course these people will have much know-how on the subject, and have fighting skills.So pass the miraccas around boys and do what you know best! Fight fire W/ fire!

Left by Smitty1 on Jun 27, 2013 9:33 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

Terrible what happened to Reema Ramzan a young lady, and this is England.
Left by grace on Jun 27, 2013 11:43 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

massive paedophile ring. this is what the sex grooming article is about. Pls report the facts correctly. OMG! A blind man on a riding horse can see that. ALL cultures including YOURS have pros and cons. Pointing the finger at muslims is the Jesus thing to do? As christians we need to take the speck out of our eyes first.....so according to the article that would be paedophilia more than a speck don't u think?
Left by honey on Jul 02, 2013 7:44 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

Thanks for mentioning that there is rage and outrage in England over Rigby's murder. Yesterday I read an older article in National Review and wondered that we have heard no more about it. I am amazed that this happened as it did! Appeasement, especially Islam never yields good fruit.
Left by slnv on Jul 08, 2013 1:15 PM

# RE: Coverup? A Second Muslim Beheading in Britain

Consider well, America! They are coming here by the droves and the next person beheaded could be someone you love.
Left by blest1 on Jul 19, 2013 11:22 AM