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VIDEO: Mother of Abducted Domenic Johansson has Failing Health

Here is an excerpt of a recent interview I had in Stockholm with Christer Johansson, the father of Domenic Johansson. Domenic was illegally abducted by Swedish authorities in 2009 because he was homeschooled. He was only 7 years old at the time.

A few months ago, a Swedish appeals court reversed a lower court decision and terminated Christer and Annie's parental rights. Christer tells me he is worried that when Domenic is finally released from state custody, he may not have a mother to come home to.

Johansson family and friends say the ordeal is killing Domenic's mother, Annie.

For more background on this terrible situation, here is story I did last year.

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# RE: VIDEO: Mother of Abducted Domenic Johansson has Failing Health

I am appalled at this unnecessary abusive action by the Swedish Gestapo like State. How can this action possibly contribute to the well being of any Swedish citizen? I myself home-schooled my daughter who did very well and is doing a 4.0 avg. in Electrical Engineering now. My sister did the same and her children have done very well in life obtaining PhD's in their chosen occupations and careers. They should concentrate on criminals in their system not criminalizing good citizens and families who are sctually contributing to society by educating and producing well adjusted citizens. This is cruel and Nazi like to this young person and family to separate them and take away their freedom to choose as parents. Sweden will never take their place and will never do a better job as his parent. I will pray for this family! Shame on Sweden!
Left by SandyH on Mar 06, 2013 6:11 PM