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VIDEO: Why Romney Shocked the Media

Mitt Romney's brilliant performance in the first presidential debate shocked and dismayed the chattering classes who, for four years, had been telling us and each other how brilliant Barack Obama is. Whether or not Obama is brilliant, the debate was a wipeout.

I wasn't surprised. Last week I interviewed George Gilder, author of the classic "Wealth and Poverty," and a man who worked for Romney's father George, and knew Mitt as a young business executive at Bain Capital.

I trust George Gilder as a straight shooter. His assessment of  Romney's abilities as a business leader and "turn-around artist" was so glowing, it might sound like a campaign infomercial. But Gilder describes what he saw: a brilliant man with a high level of knowledge and skill when it comes to the economy.

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# RE: VIDEO: Why Romney Shocked the Media

During the Democratic Campaign a woman being interviewed said that she would be afraid if Mitt Romany was elected. She was afraid that woman’s rights would be taking away like abortion and other immoral life style changes might be affected.

Obama has been so freighting and depressing that I refused to watch the campaign and the nightly news until it was over. Making deals with Russia, blocking our ability to maintain our own energy source and not wanting our borders protected, the immigration laws, inviting what I think is the enemy to serve in the white house is unbelievable to me! Why people can’t see what he’s doing is a mystery to me.

I believe under Obama we will lose more freedom than what we have already lost.

The things that upset me so much about the media is their unfair and lack of reporting of the news.

Every black person that I talk with thinks that Obama can do no wrong except two of my granddaughters. My friends and most of my family get very angry and either hang-up
Left by OUIDA D. SAULS on Oct 09, 2012 8:19 AM

# RE: VIDEO: Why Romney Shocked the Media

Thank you for a clear description of the man and his actions.
So helpful to hear true facts as opposed to the liberal media campaigning falsehoods for one candidate ad nauseum!
Left by star37 on Oct 15, 2012 6:20 PM

# RE: VIDEO: Why Romney Shocked the Media

the liberals are bunch of no it alls and idiots. Romney did not get where is he, but not knowing anything. They are trying to destroy Romney ever since he entered the nomination to run for President. The only thing Obama has going for himself is he is a confusing liar, but that will come back to bite him in the end.
Left by Carol on Oct 30, 2012 1:22 PM