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America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

A middle class revolt against the federal government and the Democrats is spreading, and there have been incidents of violence.

Consider that in the past few days, fighting broke out at a Tampa area town hall meeting over healthcare reform, and six were arrested after a St. Louis town hall meeting. Other townhall meetings have seen shouts of “Tyranny,” scuffles and the presence of bodyguards and police to protect lawmakers.

I'm assuming the unrest is actually worse than is being reported, since Big Media wants Obama to succeed and has proven hesitant to report bad news about the administration.

This little piece of guerrilla journalism to the left, which is both effective and troubling, has popped up around Los Angeles. It shows the president as "The Joker" from Batman.

You can argue that there’s nothing new about vigorous protest, but let’s be clear: politically related violence by or against our most law abiding and quiet segment of the population, the taxpaying middle class, is a sign of civic breakdown.  It’s an important and dangerous threshold for our country.

Sure, citizens feel passionate about a specific issue, healthcare, but it’s far bigger than that.

The posters and the rhetoric show that a growing segment of the middle class believes Washington is THE enemy; a direct threat to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

When the middle class decides that the federal government is going to harm it, to the point that fighting breaks out at meetings with lawmakers, we’re going in the direction of revolution.

The White House has promised to“punch back twice as hard” against the middle class protest.  Not a helpful choice of words in the present climate. And may I say, that IS Nazi rhetoric, from the Nazi street fighting era of the 1930's. And it comes from the  same Democratic Party trying to paint the middle class protestors as Nazis.

The White House also wants the names and emails of people who actively oppose healthcare reform.  A Republican Senator accuses the Obama administration of building an “enemies list.”

Finally, consider that a military man I know of told a friend that he and another officer actually talked about whether they would defend this government if ordered to take action against the middle class protestors that the Democrats have branded “violent mobs.”  Sure, it’s a hypothetical, almost silly discussion.  But that such a thing should even come up means our society has entered dangerous waters.

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# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

Great column. Ironic that Dems are yelling Nazi at the top of their lungs when modern liberalism is such a close cousin of Nazism. Peggy Noonan comes to a similar conclusion that we are in dangerous waters and there is something unseemly and potentially illegal about a White House collecting names and emails of those deemed enemies of health care. Jim Geraghty at NRO called the Obama-Joker a bit of hyperbole. But after union thugs are showing up at town halls to quell dissent, it doesn't seem such a stretch anymore. Lord, help us. Where is the White House press corps? Too busy fauning over the biggest threat to our Republic since the Civil War! If the mood doesn't turn soon we are headed past the sign that says "Dangerous Road Ahead."
Left by Anonymous on Aug 07, 2009 7:20 PM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

God is in complete control...believe that!
Left by Making A Difference Ministry on Aug 11, 2009 6:42 PM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

I just want to say that as a consultant for DoD, I have noticed a rise in incidence of "fishy" emails attacks, possibly from a group that is trying to cause further division between the Administration and christian groups. During National Day of Prayer, recall a group that tried to sue the President for signing (Freedom From Relgion Foundation). There is a member there that has been harrassing not only the president but other worthy citizens, including friends of mine. The President's response may seem extreme but I do not believe was meant to "get" conservative critics. It has escalated sadly to this level.This same group has attacked Dod on grounds that it has lots of christian clergy as tradition - but no one has noticed. Other high profile groups have been severely harrassed by misleading emails, but are afraid of scandal and so are not reporting these harrassers that are not limited to the political spectrum. Possibly the same group suing Oprah for $trillion over the weekend.
Left by jean on Aug 11, 2009 11:40 PM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

From "Obama Administration Sliding Toward the Abyss" to now "America has Entered Dangerous Waters", what's next Dale? This sounds like some movie serials that were popular in the 30s. Evidently you have forgotten it had taken the previous white house tenants 8 years to mire this nation into this economic morass, and you neocons expect president Obama to snap his fingers and produce a miraculous recovery. Lots of Luck!
With regards health care, can any working individual in the United States truthfully say that our system does not need if not a complete overhaul, then certainly a significant renovation? The health care system is adequate if anyone can afford it, but how many people including veterans are denied care? How many americans have declared bankruptcy because they can't pay their bills? The list goes on. President Obama is attempting to rectify this situation with a plan, stop damning the plan and listen, it may be good.
Left by joelang60 on Aug 12, 2009 12:41 PM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

Excellent Article. The Character of America is changing from the grass roots level while the courts are mired in endless debates on gay rights and abortion. It seems that everyone is losing their personal sense of what America means to them. President Putin recently said that he expected a "communist America" to emerge. The constitution has now been confused in people's minds, God and his word are being rejected from Government. This is what happens to a people who forget their God. How long can the courts deny justice to the needy and defend sin? We must hope and pray for better days.
Left by David on Aug 20, 2009 7:47 PM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

Has anyone noticed that Obama has signed a bill regarding shutting down the internet incase of terrorists attacks? The language of the bill does not specify out of country or intra country attacks. I believe we are on the verge of a great revolution in this country. There will be good and bad sides to this movement, but the gist of the whole thing is people are tired of being fooled, lied to, and manipulated. The parties can cry all they want, point fingers, and justify their actions, but it comes down to accountability. I am sick of tired of drunken senators, immoral governors, cheating congressmen, behing uplifted as giving the best they had to this country. Laws need to be changed, limited power, limited terms of office mandated. We the people need to vote to let the lawmakers know they arej accountable to their bosses! US!
Left by Carol on Sep 05, 2009 10:09 AM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

God is in control, however, if we don't support Israel, he will leave his hand of Protection from America. It appears from everything I have been reading, Obama, along with many others in Congress don't want to support Israel. If people are thinking we are in Dangerous waters now, they haven't see anything if that happens.
Left by Dennis on Sep 07, 2009 7:44 PM

# RE: America Has Entered Dangerous Waters

We were once a Christian Nation and had the blessings of God. We will surely be living in very dangerous waters all the nations that turn their back on Israel. "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee" The Lord said to Abraham and all his decendants. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the God we worship. Amen!!
Left by nancy on Feb 24, 2010 10:07 AM