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Friday, November 13, 2015

Obama: No Mention of Islam in Statement about Attack

President Obama, in his statement tonight about the Paris terror attack, made it sound like mad criminals were responsible for unknown reasons. He knew who they were and, if you put him on a polygraph, he'd have to admit that they did it because they are religious Muslims and because the Quran commands it.  He knows plenty about Islam. As a boy, he attended what he described  as a "muslim school" in Indonesia. Family members were Muslim.  

This charade by Western leaders must stop.

And let no one forget that several media outlets first suggested that this might be an attack on the Paris Climate Conference. They had feared "violent protests" against the conference. Seriously? Climate denying terrorists?  Or radical Greens who don't think world leaders are doing enough to fight global warming?  The mainstream media is so deluded. 

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Analysis on Tonight's French Terror Attack...from 10 months ago

This analysis sounds like it was recorded tonight.

Excerpts of my interview in January with former Marine Le Pen advisor Aymeric Chauprade on the threat from French terrorism.

Chauprade describes what happened tonight. 

 It now looks more than ever that Le Pen, head of the right wing National Front, will be the next president of France.

In my interview with Chauprade, he first refers to a Youtube video he made warning that France is in a war with radical Muslims.

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French Terror Attacks: No One Should be Surprised

When I was in interviewing experts in Paris after the Charley Hebdo and Kosher Supermarket killings in January, it was clear to me, and it should have clear to anyone who saw my story, that the French government had not learned its lesson and that there would be another massacre; that it was only a matter of time.

French experts in my story warned that France faced becoming Lebanon and becoming engulfed in civil war.  That time may have come.

This speculation underway about whether there was ISIS coordination is silly and amateurish. It doesn’t matter. French Muslim terrorists, some of them trained in the Middle East and now living and working in France, know exactly what to do. This would have happened had ISIS never existed.

French authorities tonight are taking the unprecedented step of closing their borders. But the enemy is already within.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Coming Collapse of Political Correctness

PC is beginning to devour itself.

The University of Missouri’s Police Department reportedly sent an email to students Tuesday urging them to call and report any hurtful speech they encounter on campus.  Hurtful speech?  Hurtful speech is protected by the First Amendment. Even the vilest hate speech is protected, precisely because of what’s going on right now in America, when what speech should be legal on campus is being decided by a bunch of utopian loons who, if they could, would jail people for hollering “fatso!”

And this after Tim Wolfe, Mizzou president, resigned in what National Review called “an act of extraordinary cowardice on the part of the university.”  His crime? Not acting sad enough, apparently. Racism is allegedly rampant on campus and Wolfe was accused of not doing enough.  But before you feel too sorry for Tim Wolfe, realize that he was a victim of the wacko political correctness he presided over and allowed to flourish.

Remember that the French Revolution, which preached equality and liberty, descended into a bloodbath, devouring its own.  40-thousand were executed as “enemies of the people” in just 10-months, including one of the leaders of the revolution, Robespierre. Today’s PC movement is of the same ilk, minus the guillotines. If this PC madness isn’t stopped, there will be many more victims. And that’s why I think it will stop.

Universities are the seminaries of political correctness, where young people are groomed and pressured to accept this very undemocratic and anti-Christian worldview.  Fortunately, many make it through college unscathed. But if you’re not aware of just how bad it’s gotten on campus, watch Douglas Wilson’s impeccably timed documentary, The Free Speech Apocalypse.

From what I’ve read, evidence of rampant racism at Mizzou is thin at best.  The campus doesn’t sound hostile or unsafe. It sounds normal.  And the protesters sound like spoiled children.

Is there intolerance, inequality and injustice at Mizzou? If you look hard enough, you can find it almost anywhere.  It’s the fallout from fallen man.  There is even inequality in movements intended to stop inequality. There was a lot of inequality under communism. I saw it with my own eyes. 

But is there systemic oppression in America? Any honest person unfortunate enough to have lived in the communist world would say, no. Yes, lots of Americans don’t like lots of other Americans, and the sky is blue. Big deal.

As for the grievances of some University of Missouri college students who feel oppressed, I can only ask: If you were accepted at one of the top universities in America, how oppressed can you be? As Heather Mac Donald writes, “Thousands of Chinese students would undoubtedly do anything for the chance to be "systemically oppressed” by the University of Missouri.  

Some of us, maybe most of us, can name people or forces who don’t like us--sometimes simply because of our last name or the way we look-- and we might feel they’re trying to keep us down.  But none of us has a right to be liked or to be spared from being “hurt.” The American way is to overcome it. 

Lefties, who today dominate the American establishment, and some of whom have sat back and enjoyed watching this assault on traditional American values, will soon have to choose whether to allow the PC madness to continue or be devoured themselves, perhaps for “not caring enough” like Tim Wolfe, or for being too rich, or too heterosexual. I’m betting that self-preservation wins.

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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

China’s Population Disaster

Beijing’s brutal one-child-only policy that led to 400 million deaths of mostly female children has deformed a nation and may yet doom it.

“Demographics,” we are told, “is destiny.” And China’s announcement last week that it was swapping its barbaric one-child-only policy after 35 years for a barbaric two-child-only policy won’t allow Beijing to escape destiny. The die from this hideous socialist experiment has already been cast.

Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, writes in The National Interest that the one-child-only policy has created,

“…some of the most abnormal demographic patterns the world has ever seen in the absence of war, pestilence or famine. The scarcity of siblings, for instance, has led to the almost complete disappearance of aunts, uncles and cousins in younger generations. The policy has also contributed to the scarcity of women. Parents, knowing that they were permitted only one child, sometimes aborted females or had them killed at birth. As a result, China had 33.8 million more males than females at the end of last year according to government sources. Some think the number of males may have been 20 million higher. The situation is so bad that this month an economics professor, Xie Zuoshi of Zhejiang University, triggered a firestorm in China with his suggestion that multiple men be allowed to marry the same female.”

After all the talk that this would be “The Chinese Century,” it now looks as if China’s best days as a rising economic power are behind it. The Chinese economic “miracle” was based on a surplus of workers willing to work for wages lower than workers in other nations.  Now, China’s working age population is set to decline. The one-child reversal was intended to jump-start the economy, but it’s unlikely to keep China’s population from peaking as early as 2020 before beginning its descent. As Chang notes, “Once low fertility is baked into a society, it can take generations to raise.” India will overtake China has as the world’s most populous nation.

To characterize Beijing’s change in birth control policy as “too little, too late,” is to minimize its enormous evil. The death toll could be as high as 450-million. In God’s universe, enormous evil has enormous consequences. We can expect more bad social, economic, and spiritual fruit to ripen.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Does Netanyahu Have It Backward?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has doubled down on his claim that the Palestinian Grand Mufti planted the idea of the Final Solution in Adolf Hitler's mind.

Maybe so, but the author of the book, Jihad and Jew Hatred, Matthias Küntzel, said it was the other way around, that the Nazi's influenced Arab and Muslim leaders in the Middle East.

Here is my story from 2008.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ISIS Intends to Behead the Pope

I sat down recently with Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel's Guide to ISIS, to discuss the terror group's plan for Rome. While the idea of ISIS conquering Rome may sound ridiculous, Quranic Muslims --not just in ISIS-- believe the fall of Rome must take place before the final battle against the infidel armies at Dabiq, Syria and the return of the Mahdi, the Muslim "messiah."

Oh, and ISIS also plans to behead the Pope. The interview is below.


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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Washington and the Media Continue to Cover for Muslims. Why?

The only thing surprising to me about the terrible tragedy in Chattanooga is that it happened on a Thursday. Friday is Islam's holy day and the day that devout Muslims usually choose to offer their blood sacrifice to Allah by killing infidels.

Maybe the suspect, 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez of Hixson, Tennessee, just couldn't wait another day to be awarded his virgins for "martyrdom."

Amazingly, the FBI, according to news reports, initially said it was trying to determine whether this was terrorism or a simple criminal act. Or maybe it was "workplace violence” like what happened at Ft. Hood in 2009 when another Muslim went on a murderous rampage.

FBI, here’s a tip for you: This tweet 10 minutes before the shootings.

"O Americans Dogs soon YOU Will see wonders #Chattanooga #USA #ISIS. (This Twitter account has since been suspended)

Abdulazeez also wrote in his blog, "We ask Allah...to give us a complete understanding of the message of Islam, and the strength (to) live by this knowledge, and to know what role we need to play to establish Islam in the world."

Cue President Obama again saying another slaughter of Americans by a devout Muslim is "not Islam." I feel so much better. Do you think Muhammad, after beheading 900 Jewish men in Banū Qurayẓah, said, "You know, that isn’t Islam. I should stop this workplace violence."

The government's disinformation campaign about Islam started with George W. Bush's idiotic statement that 9/11 wasn’t about Islam. If you possess any common sense at all, you know you're being lied to and that Washington and big media are not on your side.

Why do the government and media continue to cover for Muslims? Here's one reason: Barack Obama’s 2008 election vow to fundamentally change America was about bringing to America the cultural Marxism that has been destroying the civic fabric of Europe; to weaken America and to make it multicultural and unexceptional.

This is the Left’s Utopia. It pushes down Christianity, traditional values, and patriotism while exalting non-Western cultures and religions. In Europe this has bred crime, civil strife, and tribalism. But because cultural Marxism is also the ruling orthodoxy in most big media newsrooms, reporters and editors couldn't be happier with this president and demolition job he's done to America.

This is why the government and media continue to minimize the threat of Islam and even encourage the spread of such an intolerant religion; one that teaches that homosexuals and unbelievers should be killed and treats women like property. Because the Left cares more about getting rid of Christianity and traditional values.

And this is not going to stop until enough Americans stand up and take their nation back.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Have Premillennialists Given Up?

Premillennial Dispensationalism is the dominant end times view among American Protestants today, thanks to the Scofield Bible, Billy Graham, most non-reformed churches and popular books and movies like "Left Behind."

But the Church was not always "pre-mill” and one criticism of pre-millennialism by its opponents is that it has given up on the culture and essentially left it for Satan while Christians retreat to live in caves, waiting for the Lord's return.

That description is part caricature, but there was a rather telling admission by a premillennialist and Baptist pastor after the Supreme Court's ruling last month making homosexual marriage a "constitutional right," one that seemed to validate my caricature of premillennialists. TheCripplegate.com author and Baptist pastor Clint Arthur wrote:

"It isn't easy for Christians to identify a silver lining to Friday's ruling that is worth celebration; unless you're a premillennialist."

"Whereas postmillennialism believes that Christ will return to earth when the gospel has triumphed over unbelief and conquered the globe, premillennialists aren't holding their breath. Premills teach that the world will slide from bad to worse until it is so irrecoverably bad that only Jesus can fix it. That will be his cue to return and establish a rule of peace, righteousness, and sanity in the courts."

"So, it is on days like this that I read with relish passages that others may dismiss as pessimistic. I prefer to see regress in society as a welcome sign that the Bible is accurate, and that Jesus is coming soon."

"Friday's ruling is yet another harbinger of what the Bible predicts will happen. The world will slide into a miry cesspool that no human can restore. And then Jesus will return to make all things new. Every SCOTUS faux pas is a step closer to that great day."

In an article entitled "Eschatology Matters," The American Vision, a Calvinist website that is not premillennial, said this about the article by Rev. Arthur:

"Every once in a while you get someone who just comes out and says it...premillennialism logically entails cultural surrender, and when cultural defeats happen, premillennialists secretly love it... "The embrace of, and near-celebration of cultural defeat is explicit on the lips and in the hearts of standard, conservative, Bible-believing, Christian premillennial leaders... They expect to lose the pro-life cause. They expect to lose the marriage fight. They expect to lose all our freedoms and biblical values in society. They expect to lose private property and free enterprise. They expect to lose the second amendment. They expect to lose the tenth amendment. They expect to lose the first amendment."

What did Jesus mean when He said in a parable, “Occupy (engage in business) until I come?"

As Christians are now sent to jail for holding to the very beliefs this government was founded upon, it is a crucial debate. Should we rejoice that what was once a Christian nation is now what it is?

I leave you with quotes from both sides of this argument, from the website Christian Civilization.

For cultural abandonment:

"You don't polish brass on a sinking ship." -- J. Vernon McGee

"God sent us to be fishers of men, not to clean up the fish bowl." -- Hal Lindsey

"I just can't buy their [postmillennialists'] basic presupposition that we can do anything significant to change the world. And you can waste an awful lot of time trying." -- Harold Hoehner of Dallas Theological Seminary.

For cultural redemption:

"David was not a believer in the theory that the world will grow worse and worse, and that the dispensation will wind up with general darkness and idolatry… It would be easy to show that at our present rate of progress the kingdoms of this world never could become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.

Indeed, many in the Church are giving up the idea of it except on the occasion of the advent of Christ, which, as it chimes in with our own idleness, is likely to be a popular doctrine. I myself believe that King Jesus will reign and idols be utterly abolished; but I expect the same power which turned the world upside down once will continue to do it. The Holy Ghost would not suffer the imputation to rest upon His holy name that He was not able to convert the world."  -- Charles Spurgeon

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Loony Environmentalism is Hazardous to Americans

President Obama says global warming is a hazard to Americans' health, and has (surprise!) announced new rules for government and businesses to combat the problem.

Obama listed the dangers as wildfires (which apparently never existed before 1900), longer allergy seasons (really?) and rising cases of insect-borne diseases (Would he rather have an Ice Age? Climate history shows this can be arranged. It would kill the bugs).

Hey, Mr. President, here’s a hazard to Americans' health: no water. California is running dry because environmentalists cared more about a fish called the Delta smelt than about people. They prevented the building of a single new reservoir or conveyance system during a time when California's population doubled.

Thanks to environmentalists, 70 percent of California's rainfall washes out to sea every year.

California's Gov. Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, says the drought is proof that "climate change is not a hoax."

Really? Then what caused a 240-year drought in California that scientists say began in the year 850? Global warming from too many smoke signals?

The religion of environmentalism continues to victimize not just Californians but the world’s poorest. Author Steve Goreham says more than 1.2 billion people do not have access to electricity while hundreds of millions of others struggle with unreliable power thanks partly to the war on coal by Western leaders and Obama.

Power outages interrupt factory production, and schools and hospitals lack vital electrical power. Unreliable electrical generation means poverty, disease, and shortened lifespans. I've never heard a lefty say they cared a rat's patootie about how their controls on cheap energy victimize the third world.

It's because this is a war, and in war you have casualties. This is war on capitalism and individualism by the Control Freak Generation, better known as the baby boomers, the same people who want to outlaw Big Gulps and junk food, but not pot.

It's also some kind of pagan religious ointment for the psychic wounds of atheists, former hippies, and the guilty rich. Climate change regulations are the Control Freaks' best mechanism for controlling more of your life and damaging your life by making you poorer.

Always remember: another collection of control freaks called the Bolsheviks thought they were building Utopia, too.


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