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Hannah Goodwyn produces the Movies & TV section of and is the site's resident movie critic.

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"Little Hope Was Arson": New Faith-Based Documentary on 2010 East Texas Church Fires

From the Executive Producer of Holy Rollers comes Little Hope Was Arson, a new faith-based, feature length documentary about fires that ravaged churches in East Texas four years ago.

Little Hope Was Arson follows the real-life horror story communities faced in 2010 when local Bible Belt churches were burned with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

Director Theo Love, who also serves as the film’s editor and co-producer, unfolds a compelling narrative that pulls you into the raw emotions so many residents felt during the arsons. From beginning to end, you’re a part of it, feeling the pain and the shock of this extraordinary moment in Texas history.

In true documentary form, Little Hope Was Arson avoids becoming a one-sided story. It doesn’t push an agenda; it simply recreates history as told through those who lived it and lets you be the judge of it.

Little Hope Was ArsonIn following the engrossing investigation of the 10 devastating church fires, Little Hope Was Arson uncovers into significant faith themes, including doubting God, anger, loss, betrayal, right versus wrong, justice, loyalty, forgiveness and unforgiveness.

In a sense, Little Hope Was Arson is a real-life documented faith struggle. It’s a warning of the consequences of unresolved anger and the snowball effect of our decisions, whether they be good or bad.

Little Hope Was Arson also calls the church to reexamine the importance of our buildings and the souls that walk through its doors. For that reason, it’s a documentary people of faith should see.

Beginning today, you can watch Little Hope Was Arson via these online and cable providers: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox Movies, Sony PlayStation Entertainment, Verizon and AT&T. It's also releasing in select theaters. For dates and locations, see the limited release list below.

Theatrical Release Schedule for Little Hope Was Arson


New York, NY

Cinema Village


Tyler, TX

Liberty Hall


Oakland, CA

New Parkway Cinema


Los Angeles, CA

Laemmle Noho 7


San Diego, CA

Media Arts Center


San Francisco, CA

Roxie Theater


Portland, OR

Clinton Street Theater


Dallas, TX

Texas Theatre


Houston, TX

Drafthouse Vintage Park


Austin, TX

Drafthouse Slaughter Lane


Lubbock, TX

Drafthouse Lubbock


New Braunfels, TX

Drafthouse New Braunfels


Burlington, IA

Capitol Theater


Columbus, OH

Gateway Film Center


New Orleans, LA

Zeitgeist Arts Center


Edom, TX

Old Firehouse


Juneau, AK

Gold Town Nickelodeon


All Saints Cinema

Tallahassee, FL

Official Trailer for Little Hope Was Arson 

Little Hope Was Arson Trailer from Theo Love on Vimeo.


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