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The Deanna Protocol: New Hope for People with ALS

A new treatment for people with ALS is giving hope to people who, up until now, have very little. It's called The Deanna Protocol, and has slowed the progression of the deadly disease, even reversed the symptoms in people with ALS.

ALS, which is often called, "Lou Gehrig's Disease," is condition in which the nerve cells die and as a result can no longer send signals to the muscles. Therefore the muscles stop working and the patient eventually dies because the muscles necessary for life, such as those used to breathe, no longer perform.

It's a terrible, cruel disease all the way around, but especially because the person's mind is usually quite sharp while they endure the suffering of a body that betrays them. They are helpless as they lose the ability to walk, write, type, speak, and swallow.

Unfortunately, most doctors are not recommending The Deanna Protocol to their patients with ALS because The Deanna Protocol's success has been documented though personal testimonies, not as the result of scientific studies.

That is about to change, most likely, as The Deanna Protocol is finally being tested on lab mice with ALS at the University of South Florida under the direction of Dr. Dominic D'agostino. Perhaps when this research is completed and doctors see that The Deanna Protocol slows or possibly even reverses the progression of ALS in lab mice, then doctors will recommend The Deanna Protocol to their patients with ALS.

Until then, word-of-mouth is largely the means by which ALS patients will learn of this treatment.

The Deanna Protocol was developed by Dr. Vincent Tedone, a retired orthopedic surgeon. His daughter, Deanna was diagnosed with ALS about five years ago. Dr. Tedone was heartbroken, as any father would be, to learn that there was no cure and no viable treatment for his precious daughter, a beautiful new bride and young attorney.About half of all people diagnosed with ALS only live about three years. The other half usually die within another two years.

If you know much about medicine, then you know that orthopedic surgeons are "fix it" people. So after 30 years of making his patients better, Dr. Tedone was unwilling to accept what doctors were telling him about his daughter Deanna, that nothing could be done for her. He just doesn't think like that.

So he gave up his career as a surgeon and devoted himself, full-time, to developing a treatment for Deanna. After all, time was critical, as ALS is a fast-moving disease. Dr. Tedone used his medical expertise and the process of trial-and-error to develop a treatment that actually stopped the progression of Deanna's ALS. In fact, without it, Deanna would likely not be alive today. As it is, she talks, walks, and drives.

The Deana Protocol basically consists of a series of supplements that are natural and can be purchased at the vitamin store or over the Internet. The supplements restore energy to the cells and repair them. They also treat the symptoms of the disease.

The Deanna Protocol also involves physical exercise, both cardiovascular and resistance training, which helps stimulate muscle function. This differs from the typical ALS treatment, as most doctors discourage their ALS patients from exercising.

The Deanna Protocol also involves coconut oil massages because the beneficial medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil are absorbed right through the skin into the muscle.

One of the most remarkable testimonials of the success of The Deanna Protocol is Anthony Topazi. He is the former head of the Mississippi Power Company, and brilliantly led the company through the most difficult time in its history: Hurricane Katrina. It was Topazi at the helm that led the company to restore electricity in a mind-blowing 12 days. At best, the hurricane-ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast couldn't possibly be expected to have power within a month. So here's a guy, like Dr. Tedone, who doesn't accept defeat.

When Anthony Topazi was diagnosed with ALS he was stunned to learn that there was no hope for him. Naturally, he fell into a deep depression. But then the fighter in him arose. He scoured the Internet, searching relentlessly for anything that might help him. When he came across The Deanna Protocol he contacted Dr. Tedone directly and got on The Deanna Protocol.

Anthony Topazi's results from The Deanna Protocol were even more dramatic than Deanna's were. He experienced an astounding reversal of his symptoms, nearly to the point of where he was before his diagnosis. This is most likely because Topazi began The Deanna Protocol soon after his diagnosis, whereas Deanna didn't, because it took a couple of years for her dad to develop the treatment.

Overjoyed with his success, it was largely Topazi who gathered the financial support necessary to study The Deanna Protocol in a scientific lab. He's also been known to pay for The Deanna Protocol for other ALS patients who are not as able to do so.

If you have ALS or know someone who does, please contact Dr. Vincent Tedone to find out how you can get on The Deanna Protocol. His email address is info@winningthefight.net.

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