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Awesome Foursome: The Energy Scoop



The following information is provided as help for those seeking better health. As a news organization, we do not endorse any one product or company; however, this does not negate our desire to expand the options and knowledge of our viewers and readers.


To the best of our knowledge, all these companies are reliable. Products mentioned below are ones seen in the video that first aired in the news section of "The 700 Club" on June 10, 2009. Other CBN News programs and outlets, both national and international, will carry this story for some time to come. So whenever and however you've gotten to this page, welcome!


But first here are some interesting articles about ATP:


"ATP: The Perfect Energy Currency for the Cell" (Discussion of the miraculous design aspects of ATP)

"ATP 101: An Interview with ATP Pioneer Dr. Eliezer Rapaport" (interview by Dr. Richard Passwater)

"Metabolic Cardiology: It's All About ATP, Part 2" (Dr. Passwater interviews Dr. Stephen Sinatra)


Here's the alphabetical order -- by the doctor's last name or by the name of the company -- for the details that follow:


1. Baum, Seth/VitalRemedyMD, Inc.

2. Jigsaw Health

3. Now Foods

4. NutraMedix LLC

5. Olympian Labs

6. Sinatra, Stephen/Advance BioSolutions

7. Swanson Health Products

8. Whitaker, Julian

And now here are those details on each:


1. Dr. Seth Baum/VitalRemedyMD, Inc.

Baum Book: Age Strong, Live Long: Lessons from My Patients

Dr. Seth Baum

Integrative Heart Care

Boca Raton, FL

Tel: 561-367-8155



Boca Raton, FL

Tel: 1-877-342-3721


Company Self-Description: "VitalRemedyMD has as its central goal the formulation and production of top-quality, scientifically sound nutritional supplements. We diligently and tirelessly follow the medical literature in order to understand and respond to credible advances in the young but blossoming area of nutritional medicine. We aim to be the resource - for both you and your physician - for education and clarification."


Related Product:

-VitalOils1000 (concentrated fish oil)


Other Products: Focused variety of supplements including StatinGuard which provides CoQ10 (statin and other drugs deplete CoQ10) and other nutrients.




2. Jigsaw Health

Scottsdale, AZ

Tel: 1-866-601-5800

Company Self-Description: "Jigsaw Health aspires to be a resource of information from both the alternative and conventional medical worlds. .... Jigsaw Health was founded by Pat Sullivan who has suffered recurrent bouts of multiple chronic conditions for more than 30 years. Using his own struggle to regain health and wellness as a guide, Pat--and Jigsaw Health--is dedicated to helping you understand your chronic conditions."  



-Magnesium (time-released dimagnesium malate)


Other Products: Focused assortment of supplements including multivitamins, neurological issues, and gastrointestinal support.



3. Now Foods

Bloomingdale, IL

Tel: 1-888-669-3663


Company Self-Description: "The NOW mission is - To provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. NOW Foods is an award-winning and highly respected manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and natural foods ... We believe that our products, services, and the decisions we make should be primarily influenced by the desires and needs of our customers."


Related Products:


-D-Ribose Powder

-Acetyl L-Carnitine

-Liquid Carnitine


Other products: Full line of supplements in a variety of dosages -- also very widely available.



4. NutraMedix LLC

Jupiter, FL 33458

Tel: 1-800-730-3130

Tel: 1-561-745-2917


Self-description: "The owners of Nutramedix have been involved in international Christian ministry for more than two decades. Prior to starting the company in 1993, our Founder and President lived in the Peruvian jungle for five years, devoting his time and resources as a missionary pilot to work among the indigenous Peruvian Indians." For more information on groups they support, go here.


Related Product:

-Magnesium (dimagnesium malate)


Other Products: Company specializes in liquid extracts including samento (Cat's Claw), stevia, noni, ginseng, and parsley.




5. Olympian Labs

Scottsdale, AZ

Tel: 1-800-473-5883


Self-description: "At OL, we know that our outstanding growth is a direct result of our passion for researching and developing outstanding natural health products .... OL has made a permanent mark on the heart of the natural health industry for their staunch commitment to quality, their award winning clinical approach to research and development, and for bringing distinctive specialty formulations to health conscious consumers around the globe."


Related Products:

-Magnesium Citrate

-Acetyl L-Carnitine

-L-Carnitine Fumarate



Other Products 270 dietary supplements, also have a naturopathic line for healthcare practitioners.


6. Dr. Stephen Sinatra/Advanced BioSolutions

Tel: 1-888-887-7498


Sinatra Book: The Sinatra Solution: Metabolic Cardiology (metabolic refers to energy production)

Company Self-Description: "From the inception of a product idea through delivery of product to our customers, Advanced BioSolutions strives to achieve a superior level of quality products and services. Advanced BioSolutions products are tested by specially trained researchers. Our highly qualified team is always researching new and better ingredients to ensure safe, effective health solutions for our customers."


Related Products:

-Broad Spectrum Magnesium

-QGel Mega 100

-Broad Spectrum Carnitine

-RiboBoost (ribose)


Other Products: Focused range of products, many of them connected to heart health.



7. Swanson Health Products

Fargo, ND

Tel: 1-800-824-4491

Tel: 1-800-254-1885 (orders in Spanish)


Company Self-Description: "Founded in 1969, Swanson Health Products is the realization of one man's dream of bringing wellness to the world. Today, Swanson Health Products carries on that dream, reaching millions of health-conscious people in the United States and around the world....At Swanson Health Products, we treat every customer like we would treat a good friend or neighbor, and I think most people appreciate that."


Related Product:



Other Products: An extensive variety of their own vitamins and supplements as well as related goods such as home cleaning products.


8. Dr. Julian Whitaker/


Whitaker Wellness Institute

Newport Beach, CA



Dr. Whitaker Vitamins



Company Self-Description: “In 1979, I opened the Whitaker Wellness Institute with the goal of helping people who had been failed by conventional medicine and had nowhere else to turn …. My mission remains the same today as it was all those years ago: to help patients restore their health with safe, proven, natural therapies that allow them to get off prescription drugs and avoid surgery. Check us out and find out what we can do for you.”


Related Products:

-BioActive Q (CoQ10)

-Acetyl L-Carnitine


Other Products: Focused range of supplements, covering such areas as heart, vision, diabetes, and joints.



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