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'Happy' Video Brings Unhappiness in Tehran

You just can't help smiling when you hear Pharrell Williams' Happy song--unless you're a Muslim cleric in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Using an iphone 5 for their camera, some young, creative Iranians recently put together a music video, dancing and laughing to Happy. They uploaded it to YouTube, and after government officials viewed it, they quickly denounced the video.

It apparently made them "unhappy." How dare Iranians dance in public, and females move around without covering their heads!

So, the six young adults--all under the age of 25--were arrested and forced to apologize for their actions.

It comes at a time when President Rouhani will soon celebrate one year in office. He promised reforms, but so far a more open and free Iranian society remains elusive.

The only happiness allowed in Tehran is what the Islamic clerics and ayatollahs dictate. It reminds me of the old Peanuts cartoon when Snoopy approaches a public building. The sign outside says, "No dogs allowed!"

Perhaps the Islamic Republic should posts signs at its borders, warning those who enter, "No happiness allowed!"

Watch the video. Seeing happy, young Iranians will make you happy!

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# RE: "Happy" Video Brings Unhappiness in Tehran

Wow. They were arrested for this. They had to know the risk they were taking. They are brave young men and women. They did a great job on the video. It looked like they had a lot of fun making it. I will pray for them.
Left by Kathleen on May 22, 2014 12:13 PM

# RE: "Happy" Video Brings Unhappiness in Tehran

What a lovely religion when enforced to the extreme. I assume this harmless activity that probably caused clerics to rent their attire and quickly pass sentence, would make Boko Haram proud. These "kids" were just having a clean, fun time. No nudity or sexting or bullying here. Or did I miss something? Many parents on this side of the world would be on bended knee praising God Almighty if that's all their kids were doing. I'm sad to say that things won't change with this group but will only get MUCH worse. The world is on a rapid downward spiral by being too politically correct, too intimidated thus being forced into accepting and tolerating too many questionable fronts. Hang on tightly as the ride is going to get really rough.
Left by takeastand on May 22, 2014 12:55 PM

# RE: 'Happy' Video Brings Unhappiness in Tehran

There is nothing more heartwarming than to see youngsters having good clean fun.. What a miserable place this world will be if those who follow this religion are allowed to take control.. I'm so glad that I'm not growing up into the future that this world is heading towards...Come Lord Jesus...We need a real Leader and a true God of Righteousness.
Left by Concerned1 on May 23, 2014 10:20 AM

# RE: 'Happy' Video Brings Unhappiness in Tehran

Good for these young people who are enjoying themselves with dancing and smiling. I hope and pray that these young people as well as all people will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! What a wonderful thing that would be! God Bless these young people and may their society become more open and tolerant! How can you condemn someone for something so innocent.
Left by T King on May 24, 2014 12:16 PM