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Will Egypt's el-Sisi Protect Christians?

With only one month to go before Egyptians elect a new president, it looks like former Army Chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi will be the likely winner. The interim government says international observers will monitor the polling to assure the integrity of the electoral process.

But who will give assurances that violent acts against Christians will be minimized in the months ahead?

Not el-Sisi, CBN News contributior Raymond Ibrahim said. Not the Egyptain military, police, or any other political candidate who may become president.

Ibrahim says that's because a mob mentality dominates Egypt. This is most apparent on Fridays, after prayers in the mosque. That's when radical imams preaching an extremist intepretation of the Koran incite their followers to attack the "infidels."

Watch my interview with Raymond Ibrahim, presented here in three parts.

Part #1--Raymond discusses the Egyptian mob mentality:

Part #2--Raymond shares his thoughts on the upcoming election:

Part #3-- Raymond talks about the vacant U.S. Ambassador to Egypt position:

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# RE: Will Egypt's el-Sisi Protect Christians?

President Mubarek protected Christians when he was in office and yet the religious right applauded with glee when he was overthrown. Now the religious right is asking the question will el-Sisi protect the Christians? Who knows? You applauded when one of th greatest of the Egyptian leaders Hosni Mubarek was ousted. This writer warned you of the mistake in that thinking, remember "Always be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it".
Left by Guy Betz on Apr 27, 2014 4:36 PM