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Crisis in Central African Republic: What You Should Know

It's not everyday that Evangelicals, Catholics, and Muslims get together. But when they are faced with a crisis and have a common goal, God uses the rare occurrence of unity to accomplish great things.

That was the hope this week as a three-man, multi-religious delegation from Central African Republic visited Washington, D.C.

I talked with Archbishop Dieudonne Nzapalainga, Pastor Nicolas Guerekoyame-Gbangou, and Imam Omar Kobine Layama after their meetings with members of the U.S. Congress and Obama administration.

They expressed hope that the violence and killings in their country will soon come to an end and that more help will come to hundreds of thousands of their homeless countrymen. Bishop Dieudonne told me they want to see the dignity of the people restored.

They can't do it alone. These men said they are praying for peace, security, and a political settlement. They're also in need of Good Samaritans to come and help them.

With their American visit now behind them, they'll start praying. Let's join them.

To learn more about the conflict in Central Africa Republic, watch my full interview with these three religious leaders.

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# RE: Crisis in Central African Republic: What You Should Know

Praying for God's intervention in this country. For His peace, for reconciliation to take place,for freedom to return to these people,for aid to come to the many needy people. These people need our prayers every day.
Left by watching&waiting on Mar 26, 2014 10:10 AM