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ICC's Jeff King on NK Arrest of Australian Missionary

John Short: Australian. Christian. Godly man. Missionary to Asia.

Now add "Prisoner for Christ."

North Korean officials stormed into Short's Pyongyang hotel room Sunday and arrested him for possessing Christian tracts. Horror of horrors! Get the nuclear arsenal ready!

This incident demonstrates the paranoia now dominating the pysche of the Kim Jong Un regime.

What threat could this 75-year-old missionary possibly pose to North Korea? Perhaps it's not Short, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is the real threat.

Just imagine what would become of Un and his cohorts if the entire population embraced Christianity instead of worshiping their great leaders (Juche) -- who really aren't so great are they?

I've spent time with John Short on several occasions. He's a wonderful, humble man who loves God. I'm sure his decision to bring Gospel tracts to North Korea was an act of obedience to God. I'm also certain--if Short has the chance--he'll be sharing his faith with inmates and guards in the North Korean Gulag.

Let's pray that he remains healthy and faithful to Christ during this ordeal.

Let's not pray for his freedom. John would say he is already free in Christ--no matter where God sends him.

Pray that he'll be reunited soon with his wife Karen at their home in Hong Kong. Also prayGod gives Karen the strength to endure this time without her husband, not knowing his exact whereabouts or status.

Watch my interview with International Christian Concern President Jeff King to learn  the real reason behind John Short's arrest:

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