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FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

It's hard to believe that last year's winner (the first American) of the Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice would be the subject of a federal investigation. But that's exactly what happened recently to the man known as "The Machine Gun Preacher."

Last week, as Pastor Sam Childers was busy rescuing South Sudan civil war orphans, FBI agents were raiding his home and ministry headquarters in Somerset County, Pa.

Childers says they drew their guns and then proceeded to pillage through a shipping container of clothing searching for arms allegedly being smuggled to Africa. Problem is, there were no guns.

Childers says it's crazy to suggest he's a gun runner; he's just a preacher called to help orphaned East African kids. He blames his former son-in-law who is currently in a lot of "hot water" for allegedly embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from Childer's Angels of East Africa ministry.

I first met Childers a decade ago when I profiled him and his orphanage in my 2005 CBN News report about the LRA:

The FBI office in Pittsburgh has yet to respond to my telephone inquiry asking for the Fed's perspective of the raid.

In the meantime, watch and listen to Childer's comments via telephone from Nimule, South Sudan:

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# RE: FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

It should be mentioned that the 'raid' was carried out under the authority of a warrant, signed by a federal magistrate, finding probably cause for a lawful search and seizure. This was not a Ruby Ridge or Waco-style assault on Mr. Childers' compound. Just for your edification.
Left by InChrist on Feb 17, 2014 7:15 PM

# RE: FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

Only a corrupt group like the the US gov't would accuse a guy saving orphans. Maybe they are ashamed that they do NOTHING to help- after all there isn't any oil underneath all those pesky children.
Left by Terrygreen on Jun 09, 2014 8:23 PM

# RE: FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

How typical of the government. To attempt to destroy some one's character and discredit a person like Mr. Childers. I've never met Mr. Childers but my hat is off to him for the work he does for the children. I do not give a damn about what he has been accused of simply because the government has not produced any evidence that I am aware of. Once again the government has to show off their muscle as they attempt to justify their existence by discrediting the good in the people. It is time that the government remember that it is stated "WE THE PEOPLE". Here's a simple test for all of you so-called protectors of the United States. WHERE ARE THE WORDS "WE THE PEOPLE" WRITTEN? IF YOU GUESSED RIGHT, WHY DON'T YOU GO READ THEM AND TRUELY UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS THAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN. "WE" does not mean the government for those who are about to attack what I have written here and I am sure some off the wall politician will have some BS to say. That is the one thing politicians have perfected
Left by Curt on Jan 29, 2015 2:52 AM

# RE: FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

You are so right Terrygreen!! Is that you, Bartee? I love the way cleverly lay the Truth out there. I just watched the movie. I had never heard of the guy. I just got involved over there myself in Gambia. Muslim President there and it is scary. Email me, if that is you Bartee. I hope you get this message. In case it goes to spam, give me a call 299-4397. You know the area code. Thanks! Maybe CBN will pass on my message to Terrygreen's email. Thanks!! Blessings
Left by Sledawg on Jan 18, 2016 12:22 AM

# RE: FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

Ashamed, Terry? They are not ashamed. They have no remorse, no regret and no repentance, sadly. I read your comment to the Editor at ADN back in 2009 about the pesky Beluga's and knowing you are a Green Party guy, who hates corruption and exploitation of natural resources by greedy politicians. I just think this certainly sounds like you. Also, a movie you and Bill would like, him being a Vet, and all.
Left by Sledawg on Jan 18, 2016 7:29 PM

# RE: FBI Raids Machine Gun Preacher's Ministry

OH, yes and you, of course, being the Champion of lost being a perfect example. Thanks for trying, at least! ;o)
Left by Sledawg on Jan 18, 2016 8:28 PM