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Sudan's Bishop Gassis: Help the Nubas

South Africa's anti-apartheid movement had Bishop Desmond Tutu, Iraqi Christians have The Vicar of Baghdad (Canon Andrew White), and Sudan has Bishop Macram Max Gassis.

Nina Shea (Hudson Institute) first introduced me to Bishop Gassis 15 years ago in Washington D.C. We discussed Sudan's civil war, the daily bombings, and other atrocities that were being committed by the Sudanese government against southern Christians and people of the Nuba Mountains.

Fast forward to late 2013. South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan more than two years ago, but Khartoum's war against the people of the Nubas and South Kordofan continues.

Bishop Gassis was back in Washington last week talking to members of Congress and anyone else who would listen.

He has our ear here at CBN News, and we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to watch my full interview with the bishop.

He's not only a tireless voice for the voiceless, but he's also sharing his faith through action.

Watch to learn more:

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# RE: Sudan's Bishop Gassis: Help the Nubas

May God in His infinite mercy protect the people of Nubia from the violence being perpetrated against them by the Sudanese Government in Khartoum.
Left by finzi ghaji on Dec 13, 2013 9:01 PM