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I'll Die in Faith: A Coptic Orphan's Poem

Children are perhaps the hardest hit by the ongoing violence and attacks against Egyptian Christians and their churches.

Many are traumatized, and some are expressing their sentiments and emotions by drawing or writing poems.

We wanted to share this picture we received. It was drawn by an Egyptian child during the height of the violence last week.

Also, take a look at this poem written by a Coptic orphan with images added by The Coptic Orphans organization. Coptic Orphans helps this child, other orphans, and widows who are typically treated as outcasts in Egyptian society.

I was privileged last year to accompany Coptic Orphans to witness some of their work in Luxor and did a report for CBN News. If you missed my report, watch it here: Egyptian widows & orphans story.

And watch this video from Coptic Orphans. I know it will touch your heart-- and may even lead you to pray and help our Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for Jesus!

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# RE: I'll Die in Faith: A Coptic Orphan's Poem

Thank you, CBN, for reporting on this aspect of the turmoil in Egypt. Our small group has prayed the last 2 weeks for Egypt and the Christians undergoing persecution there.
Left by slnv on Aug 21, 2013 1:52 PM

# RE: I'll Die in Faith: A Coptic Orphan's Poem

Left by donnl43 on Aug 21, 2013 10:29 PM

# RE: I'll Die in Faith: A Coptic Orphan's Poem

I've been praying for Israel, Egypt and Greese and Rome since Jr hi youth to return to the God of the Bible. I saw Mt St Helen's top sitting peacefully beside the mountain. Jesus said if we pray for the mountains to be cast into the sea, He will do it. Somebody prayed for my grandparents flower mountain to do that instead of exploding like a time bomb... I believe in Northwest Washington Faith with all martyrs of the Faith in Jesus Christ, none of us die in vain. these kids parents are watching from heaven same as all my first grade presidents on the wall saw what our principal at christian school was doing to innocent kids. Jesus has closed all the doors of people that want to do harm to kids. We want peace on earth this century. Jesus himself will hold your hands when your knees wobble and lead you out. There is a promise land for all martyrs. its called heaven.
Left by Miss Becky on Aug 22, 2013 4:57 AM

# RE: I'll Die in Faith: A Coptic Orphan's Poem

A beautiful poem, by a beautiful Sister of the Body of Christ. When they die, we die with them. When they suffer, we suffer along side of them, when they cry, we cry with them, and when they pray where ever they are, we are also praying where ever we are. We will meet them in the Kingdom of God one day, and together we will rejoice, that we stood our Faiths together in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Left by bygrace on Aug 22, 2013 11:57 AM