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Tanzanian Pastor Attacked

We've received word this week from The Voice of The Martyrs that Muslim extremists have attacked another pastor in Tanzania--this time in the northwestern town of Geita.

According to VOM contacts, Pastor Robert Ngai of the Evangelistic Assemblies of God of Tanzania was assaulted at his home June 3 by several assailants armed with machetes. Pastor Ngai was critically injured when he attempted to shield his head from repeated blows of the machetes. Injuries to his hands and arms were so severe, he was rushed to the hospital in nearby Mwanza for treament in the ICU.

An attempt on the life of another pastor in the same town occurred just three nights earlier.

Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania Pastor Daudi Nzumbi phoned the police when he noticed a mob of angry Muslims breaking into his home. According to VOM, Pastor Nzumbi says the officer on duty told him the police "cannot potect every pastor" in town.

Police were not immediately dispatched to the pastors home, but Nzumbi was uninjured because the assailants ran away after they became frightened by the pastor's guard dogs.

Muslim extremist attacks on Tanzanian pastors and their churches are now becoming commonplace.

President Obama needs to raise the issue with President Jakaya Kikwete when the two leaders meet in Dar Es Salam at the end of this month.

And Christians need to keep praying for the Tanzanian church!

View one of my reports on Tanzania persecution (broadcast earlier this year) at Tanzanian Pastors.

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# RE: Tanzanian Pastor Attacked

It appears to me, as I read about pastors being attacked and physically assaulted in various geographical locations in the world, that persecution against the church is still happening (as it happened during the beginning of the early church when the apostles/disciples first began working with the Holy Spirit.) What is the messo Dei, the mission of God, for us in our contemporary society? What's the Holy Spirit saying to us,as disciples of Christ?
The ideology of home churches which existed during the early church age may not be a 'far-fetched' notion or theme for the church to date. What's the commandment of the church? To proclaim the gospel, in love, and by the leading of the Holy Spirit; to the lost in this world in hopes of winning souls to Christ. Persecutions may and will come in many forms but God's mission in the world will continue until its successful end! We must remain faithful, loving new creatures in Christ for the sake of the gospel. To God be the glory.
Left by HuntFam on Jun 20, 2013 9:18 AM