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Amnesty International: Growing Abuse for Refugees, Migrants and Gulf States

Amnesty International has just released it's annual report on worldwide human rights abuse and the conclusions are startling.

Migrants and refugees face the greatest danger, but people residing in the Gulf States are subjected to rampant abuse--especially women.

The civil war in Syria is also of major concern. Amnesty reports that, "The world stood by while Syrian military and security forces continued to carry out indiscriminate and targeted attacks on civilians, and to subject to enforced disappearance, arbitrarily detain, torture and extrajudicially execute those deemed to oppose the government, while armed groups continue to hold hostages and to carry out summary killings and torture on a smaller scale."

But in the Gulf States, where there is no war, people suffer ongoing abuse. Governments in that region of the world have clamped down on free speech rights and have jailed political activists and critics without trial.

Saudi Arabia is perhaps the worst offender. Amnesty International reports that Saudi women and female foreign workers are inadequately protected against violence.

Read Amnesty International's full 2013 report HERE.

And view their world summary video below.

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