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Nigerian Pastor Assassinated

This morning we received disturbing news from The Voice of the Martys just minutes before The 700 Club broadcast my story about Christian persecution in Nigeria. We learned that Boko Haram terrorists ended the life of another prominent church leader.

Pastor Pama's assassination occurred in broad daylight, around 2 p.m. yesterday, at his home in Maiduguri.

Pastor Pama was the Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria of Borno State.

In 2012, more Christians were murdered in Nigeria& than in any other country. It's the most fatal place on earth for followers of Christ, or for those who befriend them. So far this year, Muslim extremists have killed more than 150 Christians.

Sadly, we can now add another pastor to the list.

Watch my phone interview with Mark Lipdo of the Stefanos Foundation to learn more.

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# RE: Nigerian Pastor Assassinated

Reading my e-mails late, the end times must be close, for the Bible says in the end times Christians will die for their faith. Americans need to know more about Muslims. After what happened in England about soldier losing his life yesterday. Steckelbeck did an interview with the head Muslim man in England this year and the large Muslim population in London. Sorry to hear about the Pastor assassination. For many years Nigerians have been trying to survive and be free.
Left by grace on May 23, 2013 1:53 PM