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VIDEO: Egyptian Security Forces Attack Cairo Cathedral

First came the Egyptian security forces attack against Christians at Maspero.That happened October 9, 2011. Twenty-seven people died as military vehicles mowed-down demonstrators that autumn night in the Cairo square.

Now,& 18 months later, security forces have launched an unprecedented attack against Cairo's St. Mark's Cathedral. Mourning Christians had gathered there for the funeral of four people killed April 6 by rioting Muslim militants in Al Kosous.

I visited the cathedral last January when I interviewed Pope Tawadros II. His offices are housed there and it's considered the most important church for Egyptian Orthodox Coptics. An attack against the church compound is considered an assault against the Pope and Egyptian Christianity.

The attack was no accident. It's unlikely that the Egyptian security forces would have taken action without the approval, or at least knowledge of President Mohammed Morsi.

Remember the words of Ricki Ricardo from the "I Love Lucy" show years ago? He'd say, " have some explanin' to do!" The Muslim Brotherhood-led government needs to hold those responsible accountable. U.S. taxpayers send nearly $2 billion to Egypt each year.

Christians around the world need to pray for their Egyptian brothers and sisters in Christ. But we also need to keep pushing the Egyptian government to do more than make meaningless pronouncements; it needs to implement a startegy to better protect the persecuted Christian minority.

The Obama administration needs to demand accountability from the Egyptian president. Mr. Morsi has a lot of explaining to do.

You be the judge. View the assault on the St. Mark's Cathedral compound:.

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