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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

VOM's Todd Nettleton on Tanzania Church Murders

Islamic extremism is on the rise in East Africa.

In recent months, militant Muslims have killed pastors and attacked churches in Kenya. Now, extremists (perhaps affiliated with Somalia's al Shabab) are targeting church leaders in Tanzania.

This past Sunday, Islamic terrorists gunned down 55-year-old Catholic priest Father Evarest Mushi. His death followed the beheading earlier this month of Assembly of God Pastor Mathew Kachira.

Todd Nettleton, with the Voice of The Martyrs, discusses the recent wave of persecution against the Tanzanian church.

VOM's Tanzanian contacts ask that we pray for the country's Christians as Islamic extremists threaten to launch more attacks against them during this Lenten season.

What is the Christian response? How should we pray?

Watch this interview with VOM's Todd Nettleton:

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