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Egypt's Second Revolution?

On the second anniversary of their revolution, Egyptians are once again taking to the streets--this time in opposition to Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. They believe the goals of the revolution have yet to be realized.

Many of those I talked to during a recent visit to Egypt--Christians and Muslims alike-told me they now believe a second revolution is inevitable. Many Egyptians feel betrayed by the Islamists.

They told me the MB and members of the Salafist Al Nour Party have acted to pass legislation and a new constitution that advance their own interests, not those of the Egyptian majority.

Most Egyptians have grown tired of government efforts to Islamize the country while people continue to go hungry and struggle daily just to pay their bills. Many blame Washington and the Obama administration for propping up the Morsi government. The United States provides Egypt with nearly $2 billion in annual foreign aid.)

An anarchist group known as Black Bloc has now appeared in the streets of Cairo. They say they've arrived on the scene to "confront the tyrant, facist Muslim Brotherhood and it's military arm."

They are pledging to "bring down tyranny and stamp out corruption" in Egypt. It isn't clear if they possess guns and other weaponry, but they've placed the Interior Ministry on notice that Black Bloc will retailiate if government agents act against them.

How large of a following does Black Bloc have and how great is the threat to the Morsi government? It's too early to tell, but if recent protest are any indication, the Islamists may face greater violent opposition from various groups in the days ahead. Arms can easily be purchased from Bedouin smuggling networks in the Sinai.

Egyptians told me they expect a second revolution--whenever it comes--to be bloodier than the first. Why? One protestor said Egyptians are putting President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood on notice.

"The Egyptian people would like to tell him that they are not afraid of him."

When Egyptians brought down Hosni Mubarak, they proved they no longer feared their government. Two years later, many say they have no future under the Muslim Brotherhood, so they have nothing to lose.

Watch this edited YouTube video of the anti-government group Black Bloc.

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# RE: Egypt's Second Revolution?

Egypt needs to find Jesus
Left by antonio on Jan 26, 2013 1:32 AM

# RE: Egypt's Second Revolution?

Not surprising that after the lies of the terrorists are becomming obvious that Egyptians are finally opening their eyes to reality. If only they had understood what they were electing beforehand. NOW, IF ONLY THE AMERICANS REALIZED WHAT THEY WERE ELECTING THIS PAST NOVEMBER!!! How long will it take for American's eyes to be open again?
Left by Frank C on Jan 26, 2013 3:56 PM

# RE: Egypt's Second Revolution?

Get real Gary, what did you expect? If Morsi goes another al Qaida supported and financed candidate will take his place. They with the assistance of the western world ousted the greatest Egyptian leader since the days of the Pharoahs so now the world has an Egypt led by an al Qaida puppet. And that isn't about to change.

Please tell this writer Frank C would you have preferred another bush to President Obama? Remember it was the fatuous actions of bush that created the so-called Arab Spring.
Left by Guy Betz on Feb 11, 2013 12:52 PM