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Eastern Congo in Crisis

While Washington debates avoiding the "Fiscal Cliff"  and Palestinians celebrate their new status at the U-N, a humanitarian crisis worsens in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Anti-government, M23 rebels have seized the cities of Goma and Sake. While they are reportedly not harming civilians at this point, many Congolese have fled the area. The United Nations reports more than 650,000 people have become internally displaced since January of this year. That's created a humanitarian crisis on the scale of Syria, but it's getting less attention.

What can we Americans do? Pray and help organizations that are making a difference there.

Years ago when I worked in local television, I reported the news, but could do little about the news I reported. I'm proud that I have now served for more than 25-years with a ministry that not only reports the news, but also does what it can to make a difference.  

I recently talked with CBN French West Africa Director Jon Cassel about the ongoing crisis in the Eastern DRC and CBN's efforts there. Watch my interview with Jon, but also click on the Dina Center video to view the amazing work of CBN's Norwegian partner in the DRC.


Dina Center:

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