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Monday, November 26, 2012

Iranian Convert's Grateful Heart

If you've followed The Global Lane in recent days, you're likely familiar with the case of Reza Jebbari. He's the Iranian Christian threatened with expulsion from Sweden.

The Swedish government halted it's deporation order after CBN News reported details of his case and explained that other converts like him have suffered imprisonment and even death in Iran. They've allowed Jebbari to remain in the country, but permanent residency is still uncertain.

Jebbari and his advocate, Pastor Cai Berger asked us to share this recent video with you.

It's the two men thanking CBN, our viewers and Swedish Christians for raising awareness about Jebbari. They also express gratitude for the prayers and advocacy of countless Christians and humanitarians worldwide.

Keep praying! Jebbari's attorney expects to hear from Migration Services later this week and he says the Iranian Christian still needs favor for permanent residency.

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