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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunni Militiamen Murder Syrian Pastors

Murdered Pastor Fadi Haddad

CBN News has received information about the recent murder of two Syrian pastors by Sunni militiamen.

One report comes from Ishtar TV. They say the throat of Pastor Fadi Haddad was slit near the Syria/Lebanon border town of Qatana. The martyred pastor, 43-year old Haddad, had gone to meet with Suni militiamen to secure the release of kidnapped Christian doctor Shadi Khoury.

Another report came to us from Christian Aid Mission.

They say Pastor Sami was a Muslim Background Believer (MBB) who led a house church. His house meeting was recently interrupted by gunmen who ordered church members to leave the house. The jihadists then proceeded to open fire on the pastor, his wife and three children.

Folks, this is deja vu for Middle East Christians. The kidnapping of Christians, demands for ransom, and the targeting of church leaders occured during the Iraq War. Christians are facing daily dangers in Syria and the persecution is increasing. A Sunni-dominated government may make matters even worse as these Islamic extremists fight to cleanse the country of non-Sunni Arabs.

Here's my interview with the Middle East Director of Christian Aid Mission. He asked that we not reveal his name because he works in the Middle East. Watch and listen. He discusses the murder of Pastor Sami, his family, and the persecution that Syrian Christians are now facing.

Keep praying!

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