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Pakistan Church Attack Details

The Global Lane has learned more about the recent attack against Christians in Mardan, Pakistan.

The Voice of the Martyrs has shared details and images of the attack against the Church of Pakistan school and church buildings in the city northeast of Peshawar. Militant Muslims attacked following noon prayers last Friday in retaliation for the anti-Mohammed film that has stirred riots and protests throughout the Middle East.

Problem is, this Anglican church and innocent Pakistani Christians had nothing to do with the production or promotion of the anti-Mohammed film. Most know little about it, yet they are paying the price simply for being Christian in a nation dominated by Islam--a country where government officials and moderate Muslims fear they'll be killed if they dare take a stand to protect minorities or to speak out on their behalf.

Just ask the families of the late Gov. Salman Taseer of Punjab State, or the late Religious Minorities Minister Shabaz Bhatti. Both men--one Muslim, the other Christian--were killed for speaking out against the country's 295 blasphemy laws.

School books, Bibles, New Testaments, and even copies of the "Jesus Film" were trashed and burned. Where's the media outrage? When a Koran is burned or a film considered blasphemous appears on YouTube, Muslims respond with global riots and protests. When Christian holy books are destroyed, or a church is burned, there is silence.

The extremists tried to set the pastor's son afire. Items of value to the militants -- computers, office equipment, chairs -- were stolen and the buildings were set ablaze.

The exterior walls of the church building were vandalized with the following:

"Allah is great," "O' Allah help," and "Love the Prophet”

The church pastor asks Christians around the world to pray for God's protection for Pakistani believers. He also requests help to rebuild their church building.

We've edited a collection of photos from the church attack aftermath for you to view here. They come to us courtesy of The Voice of The Martyrs.

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# RE: Pakistan Church Attack Details

what incredibly brave people to form a Church in Pakistan. Your faith outshines the fading church where we can freely worship.
It is the muslim way to attack convenient soft targets. Anything of value not owned by them is a target, any person is prey.
The reason is routinely manufactured from whatever they see as plausible.
Being a survivor of domestic violence, I recognise the rhythym of the phases. Simmer, rage, sated, regret.
Except the muslim doesn't bother with regret because a cowed world media is filled with islamic understanding in high places.
Jesus suffered brutality and injustice to give us a Way for eternal life, so Christians have an indestructible leader that these earthly bullies cannot desecrate or destroy.
They turn their faces to hell and show their arses to heaven. Sums it up for me.
Left by Deborah on Sep 26, 2012 11:00 PM