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IAEA Report: Iran Testing Nukes

The International Atomic Energy Agency report on Iran released today indicates that the Islamic government is using computer models to test the "development of a nuclear explosive device."

This comes of no surprise to Israel which has been raising the red flag for years about the intended weaponization of Iran's nuclear program. It even caused Israeli media this week to report that some of the leaders of the Jewish state may be preparing a potential military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Tehran is already debunking the report calling it a fabrication--one directed by an IAEA chief who is a puppet of the Zionists (Israel) and Americans.

The question now is, how will President Obama respond when he has repeatedly stated that a nuclear Iran is uanacceptable? Will Israel risk the fallout of taking unilateral military action against Iran?

Recent comments from Mr. Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy about Israel and Bibi Netanyahu do little to reassure Israel that France & the U.S.A. will stand by the Jewish state--no matter what.

Read the IAEA report on Iran here:  IAEA REPORT

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