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Linda Mintle, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author of 16 books, a national expert on family issues and the psychology of food and weight. She's an assistant professor in the department of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, a national speaker, writer, and news contributor.

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Independence vs. Interdependence

The Fourth of July always reminds us of our freedom as a people. It is a great celebration of independence. Unfortunately, this word “independence” has come to mean something that our forefathers never meant it to mean. Today, it means, “No one tells me what to do. I can do whatever I want. I’m independent.” To our forefathers, however, the idea of independence was more like interdependence.

This is also spiritually true. One of the reasons American Christianity is in trouble today is because we have a false idea of what it means to be a Christian. We think being a Christian is like being an American. We are independent. We don’t answer to anyone but God (although actually if this were true we would not be independent, we would be interdependent). No one can tell us what to do, and attending a church or being a member of one is optional.

The Bible never supports the idea that we are supposed to be independent. Actually, this is the concept of evil. Satan got Eve to think and act independently from God and her husband — sin resulted. Satan himself acted independently from God and it was his downfall. The drive for independence is built on a foundation of sin.

The Bible teaches interdependence. We are not alone and we don’t grow alone. We are built together as a Holy Temple, upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Nothing good happens spiritually with independent Christians. It is a contradiction in terms. There is no power in being independent.

What do you think?

Happy Fourth of July!

Print      Email to a Friend    posted on Wednesday, July 03, 2013 3:34 PM

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