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Linda Mintle, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author of 16 books, a national expert on family issues and the psychology of food and weight. She's an assistant professor in the department of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, a national speaker, writer, and news contributor.

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The Shocking Side of Yale and Other Elite Universities

Both of my children are in college, so when I saw Pat Robertson interview author Nathan Harden on The 700 Club, I listened intently. Nathan Harden, a 2009 graduate of Yale University, was talking about his book, Sex and God at Yale: Porn Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad. What I heard during that interview grieved my spirit. You need to watch The 700 Club interview if you missed it.

Harden spoke mostly about Sex Week at Yale University. Apparently, this event also happens at other elite universities, such as Harvard, Brown, Duke and Northwestern.

Officially run by students, sponsored by the porn industry and sanctioned by the University as “sex education”, sex week includes activities held on campus and in classrooms.

During Sex Week, porn stars provide graphic demonstrations on oral sex, violent sadomasochism acts and other sexual practices. Sex industry CEOs are invited on campus for a marathon of sex-related film screenings, seminars and product demonstrations.

Parents, did you know that part of your child’s elite education is sitting in a classroom and learning from a topless porn star how to give oral sex? How about the sadomasochist demonstration on how to be sexually violent with women? Then, there are the pornographic movies that feed sexual addiction and teach young people how to ruin any chance of real intimacy with another person. All of this is in the name of education?

Not sure how this fits in to the Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Yale. Some feminists argue that when women CHOOSE to engage in pornography, they are empowered. Never mind that this engagement objectifies them and reduces them to nothing more than pleasure objects. Never mind that this demeans them and makes them the object of lust and deviant sexual practices. No matter how empowered you feel, ladies, men will still think of you as a sexual object, not a valued person.

And by the way Yale, please write a grant to fund my clinical practice. I will be treating men and women like your students for sexual addiction, depression and eating disorders.

This is truly outrageous. So, what can you do?

  • Alumni should protest and stop sending money.
  • Parents should storm the once sacred halls and demand an end to such offensive activities and lack of moral leadership.
  • If you were considering sending your child to one of these schools, think again. What kind of education are you paying for? You deserve to know since you fund this. Consider a Christian college, such as Regent University.
  • Every Christian should intercede for the students, faculty and administrators of these institutions.

Sadly, Yale has lost its way.

Print      Email to a Friend    posted on Thursday, April 04, 2013 3:20 PM

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# RE: The Shocking Side of Yale and Other Elite Universities

Dr. Mintle thanks for posting this article. I am apalled at what goes on at such prestigious Universities. I think it should be exposed, more public exposure. The Educational world should know, surely curriculum developers will disagree with these approved activities as a part of the hidden curriculum.
Left by JCTECK7 on Apr 06, 2013 3:36 PM