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Supreme Court Weighs in on Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

Can the government force private businesses to provide drugs to their employees if those drugs violate the conscience of the business owners?

In some 40 lawsuits across the country courts have given mixed answers and now the Supreme Court will rule.

Specifically, the high court will hear the case brought by the Green family, owners of craft giant Hobby Lobby, along with a case brought by Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp., a Pennsylvania company that makes wood cabinets.

The cases stem from the contraception mandate in Obamacare, which includes the morning after pill. It requires all employers that offer health insurance to their employees to offer contraception free of charge.

Businesses owners like the Greens say providing the morning after pill violates their Christian faith. The Supreme Court will decide whether or not religious objections by the Greens and other business owners are constitutional.

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# RE: Supreme Court Weighs in on Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

This is why Liberty U should not give up the fight. It's about control not birth control.
Left by KellieC on Dec 04, 2013 2:00 PM