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President Obama's Daily Devotions

President Obama receives a devotion in his inbox every day. Curious about how they read? Beltway Buzz was too so we talked to the man who sends them.

Joshua DuBois has been advising the president on matters of faith since he was a state senator in illinois. For the past four years he served as the president's Pastor-in-Chief and head of the White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

DuBois recently left that post to focus on teaching and running a new organization designed to help faith organizations partner with the public and private sectors to affect change. He's also writing a book that compiles some of the daily devotions he sends President Obama. Stay tuned for a release date.

Joshua says the "biggest untold story is that this is a president of deep and abiding faith who values his walk with Christ and uses that walk to motivate the work that he does in the world."

Beltway Buzz asked Joshua how he prepares his spiritual words of wisdom for the Commander-in-Chief. Even though he no longer works for the administration, he's still sending devotions.

DUBOIS: You know, I feel blessed. >We had a tremendous run in the White House serving this country and this tremendous president and God has just been so good over the last seven years in service, in government and he's certainly good on the transition out of the White House as well.

BELTWAY BUZZ: You send him daily devotions.


BELTWAY BUZZ: No pressure there! Right?

DUBOIS: (laughter)

BELTWAY BUZZ: When you're sitting down in the morning to send the president a devotional - what goes into that?

DUBOIS: Well, fortunately the word of God never goes out and returns void and so there's just this tremendous power in scripture to inspire every morning and so I will pick a verse or two and sometimes add an interpretation of that verse, some times a quote or passage from C.S. Lewis or ... or someone else who tends to inspire.

BELTWAY BUZZ: Did you kind of look at what was coming up or what he was facing? I mean you are friends with him so you have an intimate knowledge of what he's experiencing. Did that go into your preparation.

DUBOIS: There are times when it's key to a particular day, a particular season. For example, I remember after the victory in 2008 there was certainly a devotional full of joy, but after a grueling season I may try to find some reflections on rest and the ability of God to rejuvenate a tired spirit. And I'm also just, quite frankly, grateful for a president who begins his day every morning with scripture. I think that says a lot about Barack Obama as a leader, but also as a man.

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# RE: President Obama's Daily Devotions

I WAS,BEFORE THE FIRST ELECTION,VERY AFFECTED BY SOME WORDS PUBLISHED IN SOME MAINSTREAM mAGAZINE THAT REFLECTED mR.oBOMA'S FAITH.I WAS DEEPLY IMPRESSED,AS I THOUGHT THEY HAD SOME DEPTH.I KNOW THAT christianity TODAy has ran some articles on President Oboma's faith journey that suggests he's on the verge of Evanglical Theology in his personal belief.So,it has disturbed me greatly that people consider him to be an Islamic,deny that he's a Christian,etc.I am very happy to have you publish this,and hope that some of your reader's read it and that they might contemplate that because a person may not agree with them on political issues does not mean that they are not commited to Jesus Christ.Scriture is very clear that,in the end,Only God reads the Heart.AS a Christian,I am sure That the feelings of rejection Mr/pRESIDENT OBOMA HAS SUSTAINED HAVE GOT TO BE PAINFUL.iNSTEAD OF nEGATIVE jUDGEMENTS I should hope the presedent would receive prayars as what he is doing is no easy task.
Left by stanley Trent Bemis on Mar 02, 2013 1:36 PM

# RE: President Obama's Daily Devotions

These claims of reading Scripture are interesting... Why can't the results of a relationship with Christ be seen in his choices as our country's leader?
Left by maria on Mar 02, 2013 11:43 PM

# RE: President Obama's Daily Devotions

Dubois may be genuine. The president is a fake. What a disappointment and how sad for the American people that they indeed have been duped and are continuing to be. Obama is one deceitful individual.
Left by pnc618 on Mar 06, 2013 8:19 AM

# RE: President Obama's Daily Devotions

There’s no indication Obama is listening. Dishonesty and political bullying illustrate this. The Bible teaches that humility leads to wisdom, with a focus on submitting to God rather than building up your own ego. He is not a humble man leading by example and unifying people.
Following the progressive ideology places govt above God. This is a belief that govt, (not God) guarantees rights / liberties and that all moral and scientific authority comes from the state. In order to carry this out, the state must be big and powerful. A right to healthcare, food, housing, contraceptives requires a huge state to gather taxes, write laws and enforce them. Forcing people to provide abortifacients or nuptial services for a union when it is against their faith needs a big forceful govt.
We are asked to take care of our fellow man. A huge govt takes over the duty of the individual to do this. Govt has become idolatry and a false religion and the Bible is very clear how God feels about that.
Left by Sarah Cathrist on Oct 23, 2013 9:32 AM