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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Washington: A Love/Hate Relationship

Gridlock and partisan squabbling aren't qualities we'd call endearing. Actually, they're the complete opposite. (Though, they give us plenty of fodder to write about.)

And that explains part of the reason why Americans generally have a sour view of Washington. Just take a look at last month's Public Policy Polling survey that shows cockroaches, carnies, and root canals all more popular than Congress.

Yet, you wouldn't be able to tell by what's on your TV. Of course, politics is omnipresent on the cable news networks and C-SPAN, but it seems to be encroaching perches and time slots traditionally reserved for lighter, happier fare.

ABC's "Scandal" and NBC's "1600 Penn" are two new shows that prominently feature politics in Washington. Both, incidentally, are produced by former White House staffers.

And according to, there's another Washington-based show in the works. Mark Consuelos ("All My Children") and John Goodman ("Roseanne") are slated to star in "Alpha House," a comedy pilot based four U.S. senators who rent and share a home in the nation's capital.

If it sounds farfetched, it's really not.

Remember there's the "C Street" townhouse on Capitol Hill, operated by a Christian ministry, where several members of Congress live and fellowship. And several years ago, ABC News produced a memorable story they dubbed "Lawmakers' Animal House". It showed four members of Congress, two senators and two representatives, sharing a two-bedroom D.C. dwelling.

Americans may say they don't like politics or politicians, but they sure seem to enjoy being entertained by Hollywood's portrayal of them.

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