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Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

Some Baptist leaders in Texas are telling Uncle Sam: "Don't mess with religious liberty."

East Texas Baptist University and Houston Baptist University are the latest religious institutions to sue the government over the Department of Health's contraception mandate.

"Baptists in America, by virtue of their history, are particularly sensitive to coercive government actions that infringe on religious liberty," says Eric Rassbach, Deputy General Counsel for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. "America's first Baptist leader, Roger Williams, had to flee Massachusetts and found a colony in Providence, Rhode Island, because his religious beliefs were not tolerated by the laws of Massachusetts. We shouldn't have to fight for that same right today."

Both universities argue their religious convictions prevent them from providing their employees access to "abortion- causing drugs." They believe they should be able to carry out their missions "free from government coercion."

According to the Becket Fund, the schools each face fines of over $10 million per year if they don't comply with the mandate.

Houston Baptist University President Dr. Robert Sloan says, "We will not comply with this unconstitutional mandate, and we plead with our government to respect the liberties given by God and enunciated in the Bill of Rights."

There are now 33 separate lawsuits challenging the Obama administration's contraception mandate.

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# RE: Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

I agree with them that the government should not be involved with telling them what they should and should not cover in their benefits. It's all about control and not health care.
Left by KellieC on Oct 11, 2012 7:14 PM

# RE: Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

I am very thankful to Almighty God that so many churches and their leaders are rising up to defend their first amendment rights. America is the only nation that was ever founded for the very purpose of religious freedom.
Left by Jennie Walsh on Oct 15, 2012 7:39 PM

# RE: Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

Murder is not healthcare! Birthcontrol is not healthcare! if people are going to do this they should pay through the nose for it. Maybe there would be enough people to vote Obama out of office.
Left by JAN on Oct 15, 2012 10:30 PM

# RE: Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

Americans need to be cognisant of the ease with which the present administration has subverted the constitution to their own dictation..."Uphold the Constitution"! NOT!!
Left by star37 on Oct 15, 2012 10:52 PM

# RE: Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

12/12/12 - Three new books and three new missions for one great nation.
Left by Upright U.S.A. on Oct 22, 2012 8:56 PM

# RE: Texas Baptists: 'Don't Mess With Religious Liberty'

American's need to stand up as christians united against all those fighting to do away with christians rights. They say its against their rights to have to see gods name anywhere or jesus statues or gods words, but why is rights only for those who are against christians and God. Why are our rights not broken having to see their putting our God down in courts and newspapers and news.Why can they change constitutions that our forefathers died to put in place for THEIR rights and a nation with God, just because they can---here.They don't have to look where we are or our tributes to God , just like we don't have to look at their nonsence. but they won't leave us alone with our rights as we are expected to do with theirs. It's time we christians stood together and spoke out for God and our country and our fore fathers sacrifices and said we've had enough and use our same rights against them that they are against us.
Left by pearl on Oct 23, 2012 8:21 PM