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Callista Gingrich: 'We're gonna give it our best shot'

To the surprise of many Americans, Newt Gingrich, the most seasoned GOP candidate in the pack, has become the man to beat.

It's a remarkable turnaround.

The Gingrich's luxury cruise to Greece in June compelled many key members of his campaign staff to jump ship, and as Callista Gingrich describes it, her husband was "written off for dead."

What saved his campaign? Newt says it was Callista. She encouraged him to "get to the debates" and it's proven to be wise advice.

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Here's more of Beltway Buzz's exclusive interview with Callista Gingrich (transcript follows).

Beltway Buzz: Tell me what this has been like for you emotionally?

Callista Gingrich: Well, it's no secret that in June and July our campaign was really struggling. Our poll numbers were low, our financial situation was not very bright, and a lot of people suspected Newt would drop out of the race. And there were several critical moments where I said to Newt, if we can just get to the debates, if we can just get to September and at that point, you know, anyone who helped our campaign, every dollar was worth five dollars.

It was just getting to September and as we've seen, Newt has been surging in the polls recently. He was written off for dead in June and July and now we're seeing him in front so candidly that's better than being dead.

Beltway Buzz: Your husband has said that you are his rock and that if it weren't for you, he's not sure that he would have gotten this far.

Callista Gingrich: Well, I appreciate that. We are a team and we spend a lot of time together. This was as joint decision that he would run for the presidency and I'm glad we made that decision. We believe deeply that this country has a lot of challenges ahead of it and we fear for the future of our country and we're gonna give it our best shot.

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# RE: Callista Gingrich: "We're gonna give it our best shot"

Thank God for a good wife! God bless them!
Left by KellieC on Dec 13, 2011 12:02 PM

# RE: Callista Gingrich: 'We're gonna give it our best shot'

Cmon, lets not play games , after Black Walnut got outted(remember him) Gingrinch got the "anybody but the Mormon voters". Nothing remarkable about that. June and July him and Calista decided to go on a cruise, his campaign folks quit. Calista looks like a Barbie doll, love to see her debate Mivhelle on ethics! HAH
Left by Popi on Dec 14, 2011 4:44 AM

# RE: Callista Gingrich: 'We're gonna give it our best shot'

I can understand you Wishon, but Jessup ,my brother, why are my comments being ignored about Michelle Obama sir?
Left by Popi on Dec 15, 2011 12:55 AM