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Snowpocalypse II Time Lapse

It's official!  Washington D.C. is having its snowiest winter since 1884 (that's the first year weather wonks started keeping track) and it's STILL snowing.  The snow is falling on top of the nearly three feet of snow that fell last weekend during the first blizzard of 2010. 

Thousands of people are still without power from the first storm and thousands more are now hoping theirs stays on.  Travel is treacherous.  Before the second storm hit many side streets in the Washington metro regions of Virginia and Maryland remained untouched by plows.  Now when plows finally get there they'll have to move another foot.

CBN Photographer Royce Sallstrom set up a camera inside our Washington DC Bureau when the snow started falling Tuesday night.  Here's a time lapse.


This is what it looked like outside CBN's Washington Bureau at the height of the storm.




Many residents and travelers are hoping it's another 126 years before it snows like this again.



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