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Overcoming Addictions - Help for Christians

Christians and non-Christian alike battle with addictions and other behaviors that they find themselves struggling to leave behind. Through faith in Jesus Christ and placing emotional and spiritual health as attainable goals, we can all be overcomers.

This blog, produced by Certified Recovery Specialist Beth Livingston, is for people to exchange struggles and victories of breaking free from addictions and other hurtful behaviors.

March 2012 Entries

Christianity and Cocaine?

Toxicology reports from Whitney Houston's autopsy confirm that chronic cocaine use contributed to her early death, because of its ill affects on her heart. Whether spoken aloud or simply pondered, some question how a faith-filled person could live a lifestyle of chronic cocaine use. As a former cocaine user and a blood-bought child of God, I think some confusion needs to be cleared up about cocaine.

posted @ Sunday, March 25, 2012 9:22 PM | Feedback (2)

Free Yourself by Forgiving Others

Most of us want peace and freedom. A lack of forgiveness can become a stronghold in our lives and leave us in turmoil and shackled to the one we refuse to forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean the person we forget what happened. If we forget, we may place ourselves in a dangerous situation. Forgiveness means we don’t dwell on the offense day and night.

posted @ Friday, March 16, 2012 10:57 AM | Feedback (2)