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Biblical Response to Child Witches

(Editor's Note from Sarah: I wrote this post back in November of 2007.  It got a lot of response from readers. In light of the ABC story by Dan Harris, I thought I would repost this...)

Can a child be a witch? How about a demon possessed kid? A recent New York Times article reports a growing phenomenon in Angola, Congo and the Congo Republic. Parents and families call a child a witch and kick them out on the street. They beat these children and worse.

Sharon LaFraniere's article is a startling and compelling read. She goes on to explain that it's not truly a matter of the children being witches or being demon possessed. It is more a case of families being unable to care for their children. It seems calling your kid a witch is the surest way to "divorce" yourself from your child; some go so far as to beat their children. The families cannot pay for the children, so they get rid of them. Witchcraft seems to be only an excuse. This is so heartbreaking.

The article continues on to say that there are not enough places to care for these children. I am telling you, you've got to read this article!

Here's where true believers in Jesus Christ need to step in. God's best is for His people to take care of widow's and orphans. I cannot say for sure, but my guess is that if there was a big humanitarian push to bring aid to these regions of Africa, this strange practice would be nearly obliterated.

Couple the aid with the teachings of Jesus.  All are precious in His sight. Children are a blessing. That God loves us as a good, all-caring Father. There is hope for the future.

The Bible does talk about children being possessed by demons, but in every instance, Jesus casts out the demons with a word. He heals them and sends them home.  There are several of these cases...

Mark seven recounts how Jesus heals a little girl from demon possession. All it took was the mother's faith in Him and a word from the Master.

In Luke nine, a boy was possessed by a demon. As Jesus came nearer, the demon "threw him to the ground in a convulsion." Jesus rebuked the evil spirit, healed the boy and gave him back to his father. 

In Matthew 17, a boy was being thrown in fire and water - literally being destroyed by the demonic spirit.  But Jesus healed him.

In the case of these children in these various countries in Africa, I hope and pray there would be those who would reach out to these families in Christian love. And help meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs. This practice of abusing children in the name of "religion" must end.

I'd love to know your thoughts!  Please leave your feedback or e-mail me directly.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Thursday, May 21, 2009 8:40 AM

Comments on this post

# RE: Biblical Response to Child Witches

I have experienced some hardships in parenting facing financial disabilities, discipline issues, and even spiritual opposition. But, God equips and provides us with what we need to overcome all obsticles. He does tell us that what we do to the least of these we do to him. He also tells us in James that true religion is doing for orphans and widows in there times of distress. I think that we do need to care for these orphans. Who knows, it could start a great revival in Africa.
Left by Southern Bell on May 22, 2009 3:28 PM

# RE: Biblical Response to Child Witches

Sending money might work. The people who do the "exorcising" should be rounded up and put in prison. Then, contraception should be taught. I'm getting sick and tired of the money & compassion attitude. The Bible also states that those who commit murder should be killed. The bleeding heart liberal approach just angers me.
Left by Kathryn on May 22, 2009 7:18 PM

# RE: Biblical Response to Child Witches

I believe this in places not only Africa where we are not putting enough care and attention on our children. It is shameful that the Christian world does not step up and claim these children. They are our future. They are the world's future. If the devil gets rid of the children, then he gets rid of the future generation preaching and teaching of God's love.
Come on children of God..take hold of the resources he gave us and help these precious gifts..the children.
Left by bnett61 on May 24, 2009 9:23 AM

# RE: Biblical Response to Child Witches

What is Operation Blessing doing to help these precious children. What I see here is the enemy of our souls preying on the most vulnerable among us...children. The biblical response makes clear that children can be demon possessed, (what a ruthless enemy we are fighting), but it says little about the "witch" question. I have concluded that the only way a child can be a "witch" is if someone teaches them how to be a "witch" and even then they would be innocent in my eyes because it is impossible for them to know the full implications of being a "witch." In fact, I don't think most of adults who call themselves "witches" are aware of the full implications of this wicked practice! I am asking the God of all flesh and Father of mercies to send laborers into the harvest fields of the Congo, in the mighty name of Jesus the Christ our Lord! Once again, what is Operation Blessing doing for the children of the Congo?
Left by JNL on May 31, 2009 12:30 AM

# RE: Biblical Response to Child Witches

You left Nigeria out of the guilty nations with this pseudo-christian and superstitious christianity. Innocent children are reportedly burnt with fire, have their limbs broken, or even killed or burnt alive, as well as being chased into the streets by superstitious villagers and families. I saw horrific pictures

Worse, these innocents are often so little that they don't understand why they are being chased from their homes, or worse, physically abused in the worst manner ever. Some so-called "pastors" have become part of this charade. Destroying little lives; justifying it by spreading fears that the children are witches. Most often, these are mere superstition based on some biblically ignorant pastor's or witch doctor's say so

*In christianity, we cast out demons. Jesus cast out demons from people, not kill or austracise them for their spiritual conditions. Please keep the third world in prayers. Superstition, sometimes pervade the church there, and such horrific things happen
Left by Zoe on Jun 03, 2009 3:18 AM