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The End of Mugabe?

The MDC is claiming opposition party candidate Morgan Tsvarvingi will be the next president of Zimbabwe.

CNN reports Tsvaringi has 50.3 to current President Robert Mugabe's 43.8. Tsvaringi's party is also claiming a parliamentary victory. Certainly, the 100,000% inflation rate and nearly 80% unemployment rate has left the country disgusted with Mugabe's regime.

The Zimbabwe national paper says a runoff election is inevitable, but if the current seven point spread holds I don't see why a runoff would be necessary.

But is this the end of Mugabe? Recent events in Kenya have shown, hotly contested presidential elections do not end well sometimes.

Is this the end of the line for Mugabe? I would love to know you think about the outcome of the election. I especially would like to hear from Zimbabweans. I often get e-mails from you all, so I know you're out there! I will post some of the comments I get on-line in the next few days.

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For the First Time in 30 Years Zimbabwe May Have New Rule

Learning from Readers

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# RE: The End of Mugabe?

Sarah, Thanks for your reporting, do you enjoy that part of the world?.
I have been praying for years, that God would allow Morgan to become President, and Mugabe, would get his just reward, for the terror he has perpetrated on, our once wonderful Rhodesia.
I come from a well known Pioneer family in Rhodesia. My sister Ruth is still there, suffering under Mugabe's rule.
I have been blessed to live in these United States now, for 30 years.
Left by Irene on Oct 02, 2009 7:49 PM