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Scott Ross - Uncut

Scott Ross has won Billboard and Angel Awards for excellence in radio and television. He was also nominated for two Ace Awards for the Straight Talk TV show. Scott has a reputation for confronting challenges head on -- putting problems in God’s perspective. His unique interviewing style gets people talking candidly about sensitive subjects.

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Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

Greetings to all,

Thanks to some of you who responded to my initial blog yesterday conveying my thoughts in an e-mail to Anne Rice who recently announced her break from aspects of Christianity that have “violated her conscience.” (My phrase)

For the sake of clarity, I asked Ms. Rice (Anne), if she would convey her thoughts directly to me without the clutter of the “blogosphere” and other forms of media that often distort the true heart of the matter.

Anne has graciously responded and with her permission you will find her comments below.


Anne Rice statement to Scott Ross

Scott, thank you for this very generous and loving email. Much appreciated.

My commitment to Christ remains at the heart and center of my life. Transformation in Him is radical and ongoing.

That I feel now that I am called to be an outsider for Him, to step away from the words, "Christian" and "Christianity" is something that my conscience demands of me. I feel that my faith in Him demands this of me. I know of no other way to express how I must remove myself from those things which seek to separate me from Him.

Every day of my life, I talk to Him, over and over, asking Him to guide me, show me the way.

I did not my attack any one church, or political group, or denomination, or theologian, etc.  I wanted to step away from the confusion and misinformation and argument and confusion  that are attached to the words, "Christian" and "Christianity" historically, politically, and socially. 

This has to do with me as an author, as a public person, as a person who writes about what she believes, and who never really writes anything other than what she believes, no matter what the form of the book.

I must be an outsider for Christ right now. I must give my heart to Him in my failure to conform to the expectations of some of His followers.

I must ask for His forgiveness, His guidance and His understanding.

Please feel free to share this statement.

Thank you for your loving and caring email.
Anne Rice

Print      Email to a Friend    posted on Thursday, August 05, 2010 9:12 AM

Comments on this post

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

I understand Anne so well. I have a heart for lost people. This week my pastor said the reason people are not coming to Christ is that we, his children don't act much like Him. Wow. That rocked my world. I understand and respect Anne's decision to distance herself from the church and trust that the Lord is leading her to do so. As for me, my 2 goals every day now are to try and reflect the character of Jesus in every encounter with belivers or unbelievers and to pray that my fellow believers will be convicted to do the same. The world knows much about what we are against and very little about what we are for. Thanks, Scott for this blog. It was a confirmation of what the Lord has been showing me and a blessing.
Left by Tracy on Aug 05, 2010 10:05 AM

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

I've had a very similar experience all my life and completely understand.

The word, christian, connotes too many things misunderstood and totally misrepresented.

Each day, like Anne, I search to know the way in which I should walk despite all of the noise out there about who a "christian" is and how they should be. The "so-called church" is what we run from. Certainly NOT HIS CHURCH. I've sought ways to take His Gospel to a hurting and dying world, and to not show I'm attached to "the church" or "the christians" who are not the christians. It has been an interesting challenge to show His love outside of that! I am working on something to bring the gospel outside those buildings, I don't call them the church. They are traditions of man. Head knowledge, not heart.
Left by Esther on Aug 05, 2010 2:25 PM

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

I also understand this need to seek Christ without the distractions that culture and other things can bring, i have found that some aspects of Church culture many times conflict with the Word of God. However I do believe God abides in Church and it is good for many things. I dont believe we should reject the title 'Christian' because the Word supports that we are the church and we are Christians Act 11:26;Acts 26:28 1Peter 4:16, we probably shouldnt seperate ourselves from that title, being that it has the word Christ in it and all. It is unfortunate that the term is being equated with the negativity that Christians sometimes exemplify, but we cant just hand over the title to that negativity. I believe its up to us to redefine Christianity and bring people back to what it really means.
Left by Nu on Aug 06, 2010 12:13 PM

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

If I can suggest a couple of things
that have helped me overcome the
abuses that go on in the modern
Church in America:

1. Working out your faith in a small
group. The model that Dr.Henry Cloud
and John Townsend provide is excellent.
God designed the Church for intimacy
with Him and with each other.
How can you confess your sins if you
don't have the intimacy and frame work
to do it?
In a small group you can let your mask
down, let other people accept you in
your falibality, and let them prompt
you forward towards maturity.
The Church was not meant to be a little
dab will do you on Wednesday and Sunday.

2. CBN has Operation Good Shephard and
it is an excellent discipleship course.
Today I listened to one of the best
messages on forgiveness taught by
Jack Hayford.
It was in the "Spirit filled walk" teaching

Being involved in a small group while
being discipled in the things of Christ
will make all the difference.
Anne, welcome to the Church.
Left by nswarrior on Aug 06, 2010 5:56 PM

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

I really believe every genuine new believer in Christ has come up against this kind of thing in the church at one time or another. It is a painful experience. It personally has led me to stay outside of the church's internal machinations. Too destructive. Too may power trips by those in pastoral leadership roles. Too many strict doctrinal positions one needs to follow to be accepted. The list goes on and on. What Anne Rice is going through is nothing new, but what is new is that she has declared it openly as a public figure. Now people can relate and breathe a sigh of relief that they aren't the only ones experiencing this kind of thing. I really don't know what the answer is. I have been waiting for the North American evangelical church to change for 25 years in this regard, but nothing has changed. Not enough love, too much fault-finding. I can't fault Anne Rice, but I do hope she finds some solid Christian support. Isolation doesn't work either.
Left by ttiafj36 on Aug 08, 2010 11:21 PM

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

It is with a heavy heart and with a compassionate heart I say to Anne, "I hear you." As a child of a broken home who could have benefitted from the church standing in the gap, I found my family judged. My dad remained faithful to God, but I turned away from the church and to new age philosophies. My brokenness was embraced and this was a salve to my bleeding wounds. 6 years ago I returned to Christ. As I was recovering from traumatic life experiences and new in my rebirth in Christ, I was stunned at the petty immaturity I found in a church preaching the gospel of love. You expect the world to beat you up, not the Christian community. I discovered being a Christian is not the same as being spirit filled. I have hung in there because I KNOW there is NOTHING better than walking with God. God does not mean for us to be alone. After walking outside the church I have recently found a church. I have place my hand in trust and obedience to HIM in this. Cling to the Father, he will lead you.
Left by Robin K on Aug 09, 2010 10:57 PM

# RE: Anne Rice: 'I Must Be An Outsider for Christ'

I can relate to where Ann Rice is coming from, i too am in the same place. I love Christ, Christ teachings, believe Jesus is Lord, but have a hard time fellow shipping with his followers. I has grieved me to the point that I at times just wanna turn my back on God altogether. What she is experiencing is something EVERY Christian struggles at some point in their walk. But because of her status its more focused on. She needs prayer and realize we have been there, or are there in my case.
Left by fuzzface on Aug 29, 2011 12:10 AM