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Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

Revival, like forest fires, can spark wherever the lightning of the Holy Spirit strikes people hungry for God. In recent years we have seen such revivals ignite in places like Toronto, Smithton, Pensacola and Lakeland. Reports are coming in that the beginnings of such an outpouring seem to be taking place at IHOP in Kansas City.

On November 11, during a 9:00 a.m. class of first-year students, led by Allen Hood and Wes Hall at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU), the Holy Spirit moved in their midst with physical healings, deliverance and a spirit of joy. That class continued for more than 15 hours.

The word spread quickly, and more than 2,000 people spontaneously gathered in the auditorium from all over the Kansas City area, as deliverance and physical healings increased. The meeting continued well past midnight. Recognizing that the Spirit was moving, the leadership of IHOPU canceled all classes for the next few days so that the students could gather to receive all that the Spirit wanted to do.

Since then, according to Charisma Magazine, thousands of Christians have been flocking to Kansas City, Missouri, where this IHOP Bible college class has been holding nightly revival services. More than 1,600 people have been packing into IHOP's ministry school auditorium to pray, worship and experience what many are describing as spiritual renewal.

Karen Tom of Charisma reports that at recent services, participants shared testimonies of healing from chronic back pain and migraines, deliverance from shame and self-hatred, and experiencing God's love for the first time. Similar testimonies have been sent from around the world, where the services are being viewed via live Web stream.

Wesley Hall, provost of IHOP's Bible school, said several people have been saved and 80 people baptized since November 11, when students in his 9 a.m. class started breaking into small groups and praying for one another.  
"Some were lying on the floor, others were weeping, and some were laughing," said Hall, who led the class with Allen Hood, president of the ministry school. "So I asked the Lord for a release of Pentecost, and it just snowballed. Other teachers brought their classes in, and the Holy Spirit moved for 15 hours, with reports of physical healings and deliverance."

The leaders of IHOP Kansas City posted this message on their Web site:

We recognize that the Holy Spirit is awakening our students and many others. In each of these meetings, many people are being set free from addictions, shame, depression, demonic activity, and every sort of emotional pain. We are also witnessing an increase of physical healings, as God is touching and restoring bodies inside the building, as well as healing people watching via the web stream.

Moreover, we greatly rejoice as we are seeing lost souls being added to the kingdom of God during these meetings. We are receiving many testimonies and reports that this move of the Spirit is spreading to other churches and prayer rooms that are joining with us each night via the web stream.

It is being reported that college students are gathering across the country to watch the services online. Testimonies have poured in from such schools as Georgia Tech, Wheaton College, Asbury College and the University of California-Berkeley, where students reportedly are experiencing great joy, deep peace, and emotional and physical healing.

"We will continue these nightly meetings as the Holy Spirit leads us," IHOP founder Mike Bickle co-wrote in a letter with prayer leader Lou Engle, founder of TheCall, which has offices in Kansas City. "We earnestly pray that this awakening will continue, as our nation is in desperate need of another great awakening in this hour."

Hall said the younger generation is very broken and looking for authenticity. "It's the students who used to make fun of the manifestations who are now being hit with the power of God," he said. "Those students don't want to fake anything or create a culture. Rather, they want to experience God."

"We want to see the lost saved and the culture changed," Hall said. "We want this to grow and expand. We want an anointing where no known disease would stand against the people of God. We want to see this on the body of Christ worldwide, the third Great Awakening."

Bickle said IHOP is not the next place of revival, but "one of many places that the Lord is visiting in our nation."

"We believe that many other places are soon to receive a visitation of the Holy Spirit," he told Charisma.

Charisma reports that the meetings will continue in the run up to IHOP's One Thing conference Dec. 28-31 in Kansas City. Leaders expect some 20,000 students to attend, and seek to mobilize them to evangelize their cities and campuses in partnership with area houses of prayer.

Bickle and Engle said the conference would also address "a new wave of confusion that is systematically seducing many young adults into deception."

"Sincere young people whose hearts were once ablaze for Jesus are being lured into compromise on foundational biblical truths and practices, while at the same time they are increasing in works of compassion and justice," the ministers said.

They believe the renewal meetings are a sign that the Holy Spirit will release His power at the conference.

"We must confront the confusion that is pouring forth from many pulpits as well as from the halls of Washington," they wrote. "It is time to draw a line in the sand. We must hear what the Spirit is saying, and we must act on it. The Spirit will confirm the truth with demonstrations of power."

Learn more at

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Comments on this post

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

I don't believe Jesus ever intended for his followers to be a gullible bunch. It seems we are swayed by every wind and doctrine that floats by without the least bit of discernment or forethought.
In the case of IHOP, this organization is being led by Bickle who has been one of the leaders of the Kansas City Prophets. This organization has been repeatedly exposed as being totally inaccurate at the very least and completely deceitful at the worst.
Why after the Todd Bentley fiasco would you promote such a false and dangerous "outpouring"? It boggles my mind how political so called christian media and organizations have become. Father freed us from religion and the undependable leadership of men so we could walk according to his Spirit.
This "revival" is merely a repeat of the fabrication and desires of men to show themselves as anointed.
All the benefits you listed from this revival are things that should already be in our lives if we are in fellowship with Father.
Left by Scottie on Nov 30, 2009 3:07 PM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

It's rather sad that the first comment was a negative one. People like Scottie obviously don't understand what really goes on in Kansas City, simply because they have been led to believe lies that are spread merely by rumors from years ago. I think it would be fair for you to take a weekend and go to Kansas City, sit in the Prayer Room just for an hour or two and experience God in a way like you never have before. I think if you open yourself up to the possibility of what He has for you, you might be amazed and then the Holy Spirit would give testimony of what a wonderful thing He's doing at the International House of Prayer.

I also don't understand how people can be so careless to call these amazing meetings "fabrications". Brother, we are all His body. We all love Jesus. We all have been adopted into the family.

If you only knew that I was healed of a 9-year illness at one of these meetings. If you only knew how beautiful Jesus ministered to us. I dare you, come by :)
Left by Joseph on Dec 01, 2009 1:14 AM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

Really? He didn't intend for His followers to be gullible? Interesting that should be pointed out in light of the negative, ungrounded and almost totally ignorant accusations that are flung whenever IHOP is brought up. For people that have never been to Kansas City, listened to the teaching or know anything about the leadership besides bitter rumors based on web slander, the smooth acceptance of labeling an organization that proclaims Jesus as a cult or heretics is remarkably easy. Sitting behind a computer screen as an anonymous blogger is a lot easier than taking any action to see if the accusations you swallow wholesale actually have any grounding. Who's the gullible one?
Left by Jared on Dec 02, 2009 2:38 AM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

First of all they have been standing and praying for a long!!...time!!...24 hours a day I might add!!!..(very impressive)...second,, I have seen the Lord break out at different a mighty way!!...and there's always people who complain and mur mur// me,, thats one way to know its REAL!!,,...I think some people get jealous...I say...GO IHOP GO!!!
Left by Jalynn45 on Dec 08, 2009 1:24 PM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

This is truely shocking!!!!...these comments,,just shocking!!,,It doesn't take a college graduate to recognize the kingdom of God when it shows up!!!...even a tiny baby christian knew that when Todd Bently preached and prayed for people...(they had been touched by GOD!!)...Did you all graduate bible school and not really meet JESUS!!!....AT LEAST TODD WAS BOLD ENOUGH TO BELIEVE THE WORD!!...the bible says pray for the sick and they will recover...JESUS DIDN"T CRITICIZE PEOPLE WHO FELL,,, OR PEOPLE WHO WERE SINNERS....EVER!!!...but the word is full of places where he criticized people for not RECOGNIZING THE KINGDOM!!!!....JESUS IS ABLE TO RAISE SONS OF ABRAHAM FROM THE STONES IN YOUR FRONT YARD!!!....AND HE'S NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE!!!.....AND I DON'T BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS AS CONCERNED ABOUT PEOPLES FAILINGS AND MISTAKES....AS HE IS ABOUT THE FACT THAT ...."YOU DON'T EVEN RECOGNIZE THE KINGDOM IN THE FIRST PLACE"...
Left by Jalynn45 on Dec 08, 2009 2:09 PM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

Blessed be the name of the Lord! I'm with Scottie! Notice that there are 4 posts that agree w/ the Kansas "move" and only ONE that has any discernment! I'm only on this site b/c of an e-mail re CBN and this move. Please ASK the Lord and if you are sincere, He will show you the truth! I know whereof I speak b/c I was somewhat fooled in the 90's...these manifestations are nothing new and certainly not a part of Pentecost! Jesus Christ is NOT being is the one who is deceiving all of those who are taken in by emotions that are uncontrollable by these people in that different than those who have followed and still follow the New Age gatherings where people go into a frenzy and abandon themselves. Wake Up and find the true Jesus and realize how easy it is to be fooled and how much you need Him every minute since our hearts are deceitful. That's why we need the new heart and to learn to be in touch w/ the new heart and the HEART of God.
Left by Donna on Dec 20, 2009 10:15 PM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

My son is an intercessary missionary at IHOP. While the manifestations of the Spirit are a new dimension that many people cannot accept,it makes them no less real. Are all of these incidences real? I have been taught that there are 3 possible sources- first of all God, secondly the enemy, and thirdly our flesh. I won't put God in a box and say He only works this way-not that way. God is God! He can do things as He chooses! My son said that you can't make a counterfeit $50 dollar unless there is a real one. God's Word does not return void. At this time in the history of our country and our world, we need revival! Revival in the years prior to 1954 allowed the phrase"under God" to be added to the Pledge of Allegiance. The Word says,"by their fruits you will know them"-love,joy peace--let's not judge
other's encounters with God but seek Him for ourselves in a fresh way-"renewing His steadfast spirit within us."
Left by daycarediva on Dec 28, 2009 8:56 AM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

I recently moved with my family to IHOP, KC. I was impressed by their biblical foundation. They are, “Peacemakers who sow in peace [to] raise a harvest of righteousness.”(James 3: 18). Visitors come expecting and physical ailments are being healed. People facing surgery are buying plane tickets to KC and being healed at IHOP. The entire Body of Christ is ministering out of the love and power of the Holy Spirit. The result is people are turning to Jesus in full repentance. Christians are being delivered from religious spirits, addictions, immorality, and self-hatred. Good reports are pouring in from 188 nations from around the world. A Palestinian Christian wrote in, “The IHOP ministry brought strength and joy to me. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit work through you.” Wes Hall, IHOP, KC staff, spoke under a heavy anointing, “The Holy Spirit is preparing pockets of God’s people around the world for the next Great Awakening. People will know the love of God through encounter."
Left by 700 CLUB on Feb 06, 2010 3:50 PM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

This move at IHOP has all the earmarks of the great revivals of history, those which supported the ministries of men like Edwards, Wesley and Moody. Like those revivals of the past, it began in prayer (24/7 for 10 yrs!!) and it will not only refresh the hearts of believers and sweep many new members into the Kingdom, it will also reform society (as past revivals ended slavery, healed the nation, and ushered in Kingdom justice). Those who dismiss this move run the risk of missing out on what God is doing in our generation. Personally I'd rather risk making a few mistakes than risk missing out on what God is doing...
Left by dr_carr on Apr 03, 2010 11:13 AM

# RE: Revival Breaks out at Kansas City IHOP: Spreads Via Web

I wanted to ask "daycarediva" about her son's experience at IHOP. First, what is an "intercessory missionary"? And has he taken any classes at IHOPU? I'm thinking about doing some online work there. I teach a "Signs and Wonders" course at a secular college and need all the help I can get! :) Blessings to you.
Left by dr_carr on Apr 03, 2010 11:18 AM